LED Rechargeable Bluetooth Music Night Light Speaker


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[custom_html] Key Features:

  • Multi-function Design Flowerpot
  • Bring Music To Your Plant
  • Durable Waterproof Material
  • Magic Plant Piano
  • Bluetooth Speaker and Night Light
  • USB Chargeable- Full Charge 4 hrs, Can Sustainable Play 12 hrs


Plant your favorite plants in a flowerpot, water them lightly to keep the soil moist.

Piano-Long press the POWER cue the stereo and go into the harp mode.Touching plants can be played on the piano,click the NEXT to switch the song.

Bluetooth-In the shutdown state, long press the POWER Wait until finish hint sound,light according to the mode switch button to enter the Bluetooth (Bluetooth name: K3-S), you could connect it to your phone by Bluetooth and play your favorite songs on your phone.The plant pot will become amazing Bluetooth Speaker.

Night light-The keys mode:Gently press the lights turn on the light. Click on the switch or turn off the night light again.

Touch-mode-Long press the light the green light flashed several times,turn on the light touch function,the night light can be switched or turned off by touching the plant.

Material: ABS
Working Voltage: 3.7V
Charging parameter: 5V 1A
Battery capacity: 1200mAh
Battery Charge Time: 3-4 hours
working time: 12 hours
Transfer Distance: 33ft

1.The product has low-power sleep model design, there's no “off”button.
If connects to power supply, Play Mode or Night Light Mode won't turn off itself.
Under Play Mode it will automatically turn off in 10min if nobody touches the plant.
Under Night Light Mode, it will auto off in 30min.
2.If turn on Music Flowerpot,find the light blink for 3 times, that means the battery is low
please charge it, wait for 10min then try to turn on it again.
3.If there is a strong electromagnetic interference around such as electric motor, Microwave oven,will affect the vase lamp’s performance
4.Long touch the plant to turn on Play Mode then tap once swtich to Night Light Mode.
The music will play before Night Light Mode is turned on,
so not recommended for use at night.

Package Included:
1* Music Flowerpot (without plants)
1* USB cable
1* User Manual


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