SUPAREE New D1S D1R D1C LED Headlight Bulbs 70W Plug and Play

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D1S LED Headlight Bulbs

How to choose the right LED headlight bulbs for your car?

1 Check your vehicle owner's manual or the original halogen bulb, which has the part number on it.

2. Ask questions in "Customer Q&A", write down your vehicle year, make and model, we will help you check.

Do you know the necessity of upgrading to LED headlights bulb?

1. The dark lighting of original headlight will cause traffic accidents when driving at night or in extreme weather. But incorporating them into SUPAREE LED headlights bulbs in these situations improves the visibility of the car and reduces the risk of an accident.

2. The xenon bulb is made of high temperature resistant quartz tube. After 20 minutes of lighting, the high temperature of the quartz bulb of xenon lamp leads to a short life. D1S LED headlights bulbs use fins to dissipate heat, and have built-in double ball silent fans 360° for efficient heat dissipation, so as to quickly and effectively reduce the temperature of the lamp body.

3. LED headlights bulbs have the characteristics of energy-saving consumption and stable performance. One D1S LED headlight bulb is equivalent to 10 xenon lamp with 30,000 hours of working life. Calculated by driving for 2 hours a day, it can last for 40 years.

New Generation of D1S LED Headlights Bulbs

D1S LED Bulbs


  • Bulb Type: LED/15 High-quality Chips
  • Color Temperature: 6000K Xenon White
  • Lumen: 12,000 Lumens Per Bulb/657FT Illuminance Distance
  • Brightness: 580% Much Brighter Than Other LED Headlights Bulb
  • Excellent Protection: IP68 Waterproof Rate/ Work Well in Any Environments And Weathers
  • Lifespan: Up to 30,000 Hours / x10 Times Longer Than Original Xenon Headlights
  • Perfect Beam Pattern: A Clear Z-shaped Tangent on Low Beam + More Uniform Light Distribution on High Beam/ No Black Spots or Fog
  • Startup Speed: 0.01S/ A Safe Driving Experience to React Quicker
  • Direct Replacement: The Same 1:1 Size as Original Bulbs with The Same Position And Height
  • Body Material: Aviation 6063 Aluminum Alloy
  • +50% Efficient Cooling: Aluminum Finnes Heat Sink 10,000 RPM Noiseless Turbo Fan
  • Working Temperature: -45℃~+105℃/ -45℉~+221℉
  • Connect Type: Plug-N-Play to Original Hid Ballast / 5 Minutes Hassle-free Installation / No Modification And No Extra Retainers Needed

Wide Fitment:

  • Anti-jamming IC Device and Built-in Decoder Chip
  • 99% Fitment Rate
  • Anto-radio Interference

Installation Step: 

Package Included:

  • A pair of D1S/D1R/D1C LED Headlight Bulbs

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