SKU:  SP-JK634-4

Full Climate Cover Water-Resistant With Door Flaps for Offroad 4-Door


  • Made from Tough, Space-Age Fabric
  • Repels Water
  • Provides UV Protection
  • Channels Out Moisture and Air to Prevent Damage
  • Fits Offroad 4-Door Models


All Weather Protection. Protect your four door from dirt, bird droppings, tree sap and the sun’s harmful UV rays by investing in a  Full Climate Cover. For use indoors or outdoors, this Cover is perfect for storing your Jeep in the off seasons.

Custom Fit to Your Specific Vehicle. Custom designed their Full Climate Cover to fit your 4-door perfectly. This Cover features integrated side mirror pockets 

Quality Construction. Our factory manufactures Full Climate Cover from a space-age fabric that protects your vehicle's exterior from the elements, while allowing the paint to breathe. The unique diamond bond pattern allows trapped air and moisture to escape preventing paint damage. The Covers spun bond polypropylene layer repels water, while providing protection against heat buildup and ultra violet light.

Machine Washable - Air Dry. In the event you should need to clean your Cover, it can be machine washed at your local laundry mat in a commercial size washer (without an agitator) using (1/4) cup of Simple Green All Purpose Cleaner. Rinse the cover twice (2X) to remove all the cleaner and let air dry.

Application. This Full Climate Cover is specifically designed to fit for Offroad 4-door