H8 H11 H16 CSP chip dual use use led headlight fog lamp 8000LM white (6500k)/ yellow (3000K)

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LED bubble standard: H8 / H11 / H16 dual use
Luminescent Color: White 6500 K (Ideal for sunny and cloudy night driving)
Yellow 3000 K (Ideal for night driving such as rain and snow)
Power consumption: 30 W (one side)
Total luminous flux: (Hi: 4000 LM / Lo: 4000 LM) 4000 LM (one side) x 2 total 8000 lm
Applicable voltage: DC12V ~ 24V
Lifetime: over 30000 hours
Set contents: 2 LED headlights × 2 ballast × 2
Waterproof standard: IP65
Warranty period: 1 year

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Product Features

【High brightness, good visibility, color can be freely switched】
Two colors can be switched. You can freely switch colors according to the weather. Moreover, since it has a memory function, even if you turn off the engine, it lights with the luminescent color that was set last time.

【Angle adjustable, easy installation】
Because it can adjust the angle of the plug & frame, reflector and LED, we can make light distribution that makes full use of the reflector in most models.

【Heat resistant design, excellent heat radiation performance】
The high speed cooling fan is carried and the material of the main body adopts the cutting edge aluminum material Aviation aluminum 6063, concave groove design Maximum heat radiation area is increased, and the heat dissipation performance is greatly upgraded. Excellent heat resistance and heat dissipation that can withstand high temperatures are realized!

IP65 protection effectively prevents rain and ensures safe driving in various weather conditions.

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■ Since it emits very strong light, please be careful not to look directly at the time of installation.
■ This product does not have a memory function. Once you turn off the engine, it will turn white when it lights next.
■ When we install products · For direct or indirect damage after installation, we will not take any responsibility.
■ Please go through the installation at your own risk. We recommend you to install with a specialist