LED Home Theater TV BackLight Accent RGB Multi-Color-Changing Strip Lighting Kit


Key Features

- DIY Color and Mode: White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Purple, up to 20 colors
- Alleviates Eye-strain
- Easy Installation
- Made to Last: 30,000 LED tv accent lighting hours
- Quality Assurance
- 12 months warranty


DIY Color and Mode: White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Purple, up to 20 colors and 20 dynamic modes customize your workspace with vibrant LEDs to set the mood and illuminate your hardware.
Alleviates Eye-strain: This tv led backlight kit can really help to improve your perception of contrast, and make panel monitors much easier
Easy Installation: Just plug-and-play! Powered by any devices with output 5V 1A USB port. No wall sockets are required.
Made to Last: 30,000 LED tv accent lighting hours.
Quality Assurance: Satisfaction guarantee! These led backlight for tv come with a 12 month warranty.

Product Description:
RGB Bias TV Accent Lighting--Achieve Optimal Viewing Experience
Adds a Subtle White Backlight to your monitor, Reducing Eye Fatigue and Increasing Perceived Image Clarity.
Besides Customize your monitor, TV, or furniture with colorful LED lighting color to fit your mood!

Easy installation:
1.Cut(As needed): Cut On the Cut Marks (White Lines) on the strip to desired length.
2.Peel: Remove the 3M adhesive backing on the strip.
3.Firmly Press the strip in desired place and Connect the USB to USB port. You can press the speed/bright key about 3 seconds to turn on/off the controller.
For the Color key, Model key, Speed/Bright key function, Please refer to the picture.

1. Ensure the back of your TV is free from dust, peel off sticky tape and adhere to the back of your TV.
2. The Led strip can be simply powered by your TV USB port. Just plug-and-play!
3. For a small part TV, when insert the led strip to TV USB port and it don't turn on or flashes sometimes, you can use the 5V/1A universal USB wall charger included in the package to power the led strip.
Turn off/on:
Press the speed/bright key last about 3 seconds to turn OFF/ON this tv led backlight.

Fit your mood:
Use the LED Strip to light up or create festive lights on your monitor, TV, or furniture. Choose from solid colors, strobes, or cycling colors to fit your mood!
You can easily swap between colors and lighting modes using the in-line remote on the Strip.

Package includes:
2 x USB mood backlight for TV/Furniture/Computer

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