PHILIPS High Quality Chip Installing LED H4 Headlight Hi / Lo Change Type 8000LM 6500k

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LED bubble standard: H4 Hi / Lo switching type LED head light
LED chip: Philips LED chip
Luminescent Color: 6500 K White
Light flux <lumens>: Hi: 8000 lm / Lo: 8000 lm
Power consumption: 30 W (for one car)
Warranty period: 1 year
Lifetime: over 30000 hours
Set contents: 2 LED head light x 2 books manual
Awesome heat dissipation system

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【Heat resistant design, excellent heat radiation performance】
Open specification heat dissipation section + High speed rotary cooling fan + Overheat protection circuit + Aluminum body excellent in heat dissipation
In addition to protecting the valve to the utmost, high cooling efficiency is realized.

【High brightness, good visibility】
Keeping good visibility even in the rain, pure white is 6500K. LED headlights are brighter than genuine halogen bulbs.
In addition, it is more power-saving than halogen, and it is used for a long period of time with long life.
It has a luminous flux amount (lumen) higher than that of conventional LEDs, and the luminous efficiency has been enhanced.
There is no annoying dazzling around the oncoming car etc. There is a beautiful cut line which the light distribution itself is very clear and it is out.
Integral type, easy to install

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[Easy to install]
It is an integrated design, has a small volume, no complicated connectors and wiring, no installation, super easy.

IP65 waterproof grade rainy days OK

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