Professional LED Stealth Low Profile Roof Top Strobe Light Bar


Color: Amber
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This strobe light bar features TIR LED technology for maximum brightness output, 14 modules with four 3W LEDs per head. This item was designed with a sleek, low profile, and stealth design in mind. Fully weatherproof with light completely sealed off and encapsulated, will not be exposed to the elements. With an easy roof mount setup, you'll be set up and ready to go in no time.

Key Features:

  • 360-degree coverage
  • 15 different strobe patterns
  • Cigarette Plug with on/off and pattern changing switch
  • Memory function to recall the last pattern used
  • 12 feet of cable and control box
  • Rubber Feet to protect your vehicle's finish
  • Highly durable, made to endure harsh conditions
  • Over 50,000 hrs life expectancy


Dimensions: 28.25"L x 11.82"W x 2.76"H
Voltage: 12VDC

Package Included:

1 x Black Hawk series strobe lightbar

1 x Instruction manual

Customer Reviews

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Life Saver

It has saved my life at least a handful of times so far. I work in traffic, on the side of the road, middle of the road etc.. There have been more than a couple of times that the bright flashing light produced by this light bar has snapped someone out of their daze and made them aware I was in the road. Since purchase, the lights have run the equivalent of approx. 120 hrs and still flashing bright with no failures.

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