Tyre Pressure Gauge, 100psi Heavy Duty Air Pressure Tire Gauge Best for Car & Motorbike

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High quality material: Brass base,metal dial, safety glass mirror. The dial is surrounded by a protective rubber guard, providing with extra protection.
Use it convenient: 360-degree swivel chuck, and with extra extended double chuck tip allows for easy access to the tyre valve from any angle.
The no-leak air hose is covered with a soft braid, is resistant to wear. It is convenient to bring and operate.
No need battery: It is a mechanical device, different from other electronic gauges, do not worry that the battery will die, do not need battery.

Material: brass base, black iron shell case, phosphor bronze spring tube, stainless steel / brass movement, Lu pointer, metal dial, safety glass mirror.
Table diameter: 2.0 inches
Pressure range: 0-100psi(0~7Bar)
Certified: ANSI B40.1 Grand B (±2%) international standard
Connection: radial / axial / radial eccentricity / axial eccentricity
Applicable models: GM ,such as cars, sports cars, off-road vehicles, trucks, vans, motorcycles, electric cars, bicycles, etc..
How to use it
1.Unscrew the cap of the tyre valve.
2.The tyre pressure gauge head torsion in the valve.
3.The tyre pressure gauge will show tyre pressure.
4.If the tyre pressure is insufficient, please add gas, such as tyre pressure is too high, please press the valve, adjust to the appropriate tyre pressure.
5.After the measurement is completed, press the bleed valve, the pointer to zero, screw back to the original tyre valve cover.

Product Includes: 
1* Tyre Pressure Gauge
4* Valve Caps


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