LEDFactoryMart has signed an agreement which inspection of goods at first after receipt with the shipping company, in the case of delivery personnel still on the scene, checking your goods then signs for. Please make sure to pay attention to the following situation:
  • When the courier send the parcel to your home, please be sure to check the goods with bill personally, if there is a lack of goods, delivery errors, damaged packaging issues, please contact the customer service center, after customer service confirmed, you can shipped back the whole package by the express company.
  • LEDFactoryMart particular electrical goods are also not allowed to plug in to have a trial. If you find any problem after you received the goods, you can contact LED Factory Mart customer service center to handle your return business.
  • If you chose "require an invoice" when ordering, checking carefully whether the invoice is sent along with the goods, if without the receipt of an invoice, please contact the customer service center to fill the invoicing.
  • After confirming receipt, LED Factory Mart will deem that you are approved and accepted our product. If non-ordered person signed the products, LED Factory Mart will view the receiver as the subscriber to check the goods. Once you confirm and signed the name, we cannot offer refund or reissue service. If you have found above problem, please contact with LED Factory Mart company, our customer service will contact with the express company actively and properly handle the issue, protecting the interests of the guests.

Modify the Distribution Requirements
  • Redirection: If you change the mailing address before shipping, do not need extra charge, but please forgive that will not be accepted after delivery.
  • The sign for: Please check whether the damaged parcel, if no problem, please sign on to specify document logistics companies, logistics companies will sign information return to LED Factory Mart.
  • Rejection: Please check the parcel, if there have obvious signs of damage, you can reject the parcel, we will discuss compensation issues with logistics companies, and undertake distribution costs of this issue generated; members' rejection for unilateral reason, the costs of distribution must be borne by the members.

Possible Problem for Not Receive the Parcel for A Long Time.
  • Please make sure your shipping address, zip code, telephone, Email address and other information are all correct, making sure merchandise can delivery timely and accurately, and please keep track of individual accounts in the "My Orders" to know Order Status Update case, if the above information is incorrect, we will review the order to be ineligible, the unqualified orders will be put in "non-payment order" area, members can submit the order again and modify according to the prompt;
  • During the distribution process, if we contact you for more than seven days did not get a reply, you order will be default that you have given up the order.