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Why Transaction Failed?


  • Troubleshooting PayPal payment errors
  • Understanding payment processing in a failed order
  • Troubleshooting a Do Not Honor error
  • Troubleshooting a Decline CVV2/CID error
  • Understanding an Insufficient Funds error

    There could be various reasons why a transaction is declined or didn't went through completely, please review these points for recheck.

    • Wrong Credit Card No
    • First-time making online purchase 
    • There is not sufficient funds available to cover the transaction
    • Your bank has limit on your credit card spending (consult your bank)
    • Your Bank refused transaction (consult your bank).
    • Your Bank does not allow Internet transaction (consult your bank to activate online transaction for your card).
    • Shipping & Billing Address are different (contact us for further verification so that we can process your transaction)
    • IP is different than your card issuing country (please check your computer or phone if you are using proxy or traveling to another country, we may ask further verification in this case)
    • Black Listed Credit Card
    • Larger than normal order
    • Multiple Payment attempts using different Credit Cards
    • Transactions placed on multiple cards all shipping to a single address 
    • Multiple transactions on one card over a short period of time
    • Multiple transactions on a card with a single billing address, shipping to multiple addresses
    • Multiple cards used from a single IP address
    • Orders from Internet addresses that make use of free e-mail services
    • The card has not been reported lost or stolen (although it may in fact be lost, stolen or compromised [card details improperly obtained or copied] and the card owner is unaware). 

    In case if you are sure that none of above problem relates to your transaction then please contact our support via email . We will do our best to resolve the problem after consulting with our credit card processor.