LFM To LED and Beyond

In the era of halogen lamps, the lighting brightness is not enough to meet the daily driving needs of car owners, and The cost of LED modification on the market is too expensive. Based on our own advantages in LED research and development technology and cost, LFM - LED Factory Mart was born. 

Founded in 2009, wyoming, USA. LED Factory Mart is a high-tech optoelectronic company that specializes in the research, manufacture, sale, and service of LED products. 

The original intention of our establishment is to create a comprehensive off-road modification with LED-led and accessories as an extension category. We provides protection for our customers with affordable and reasonable prices and high-quality products and services, and has brought a certain reputation and affirmation from customers in the American market. At present, Our main market covers United States, Russia, Japan, Europe & South America. 

Your LED Market Place

Here, you will be able to find any aftermarket LED products you need, such as LED Lights for JeepLED lights for Harley Davidson, LED Lights for Tacoma, LED Lights for Indian MotorcycleLED Truck lightsCar LED lights, and so on. Please rest assured that more models of LED products will continue to be introduced. We also very much welcome your feedback. We will also keep pace with the times and provide you with more innovative and advanced products.

Through the continuous collection of user needs and the innovation of research and development technology, our LED products have also undergone numerous updates and iterations, from the most basic high and low light function LED lights, to the research and development of angel eye functions, RGB customized functions, and plug-and-play The non-destructive modification design of the product provides customers with a variety of product choices from daily safe driving to use in outdoor off-road adventure scenarios. We have never stopped in product development and innovation the LED industry; given the trend that people are choosing energy-saving and environment-friendly products, we can not slow down. With our advantages, we will continue to provide our customers with superb products and excellent service.

At present, the scale of LFM personnel exceeds 100. Our professional R&D team, product quality inspection team, product expert team, and customer service team have all undergone professional training. If you encounter any problems in product purchase and after-sales, we will The customer service team will help you solve the problem as soon as possible without any worries.

Our team adheres to the idea of: pursuing preeminence, to be people oriented, honesty first company. 

At the same time, in addition to automotive LED lights, we will also extend to other lighting product lines such as home lighting and industrial lighting. At the same time, starting from 2020, we have strictly screened the cooperative brands to meet your product needs in accessories and outdoor products. Currently, we are cooperating with the following brands, such as Suparee for Jeep parts & accessories, Roxmad for Tacoma Parts and so on. In the future, we will also cooperate with more brands to meet your more modification needs.

If it's anything related to automotive lighting you're looking for, we got it - period.

Thank you for your continued support.

-LFM Team

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