To LED and Beyond

LED Factory Mart is a high-tech optoelectronic company that specializes in the research, manufacture, sale, and service of LED products. Our products include all variety of automotive LED lighting products, such as Jeep LED lights, LED lights for Harley Davidson, LED Truck lights, Motorcycle LED lights, Car LED lights, and so on. 

With our advanced equipment, experienced technicians, high-quality products and excellent after-sales service, our company enjoys a good reputation in the LED optoelectronic industry. Our main market covers Russia, Japan, United States, Europe & South America.

Our team adheres to the idea of: pursuing preeminence, to be people oriented, honesty first company. 

We continue to innovate the LED industry; given the trend that people are choosing energy-saving and environment-friendly products, we can not slow down. With our advantages, we will continue to provide our customers with superb products and excellent service.

If it's anything related to automotive lighting you're looking for, we got it - period.

Thank you for your continued support.

-LFM Team

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