Warranty Registration for Your Purchase

We are so sorry for the inconvenience. Please give us one more opportunity to solve any issue you may have. Our team has been devoting its effort to provide customers with high quality product and pleasant service. Please note that your purchase is protected by LED Premium 24 months WARRANTY Service from Manufacturer LED Factory Mart.
To assist us to follow up on your comments, please provide us with your basic information. Please prepare the pictures and video that shows the product quality issue clearly. The informations will be provided to get the replacement for you after all is confirmed. Meanwhile, they would be fed back to our QC department and our factory would further inspection as well and prevent this issue from happening again. Thank you for your cooperation. Regarding the personal information you provide, we will respect your privacy and keep it strictly confidential. Please rest assured.

Thanks for your kindly feedback, we will contact you through our email support@ledfactorymart.com. Meanwhile, please take some pictures or videos for the issue you said to our Messenger directly. We will reflect to our technicians for solutions and apply the new replacement for you.
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My lights can't work. How do I get the replacement?

Sorry for inconvenience. Please advise the details of the problem and leave a short video of the issue. We need to provide feedback to our engineer to confirm the problem. Please don't worry. Our products have 1 year warranty. Our support team will get the lights back to you and the correct replacement will be shipped once all are confirmed.

My parcel is broken. What do I do?

Please don’t worry. The new replacement will be shipped for free. The broken products needn’t return. Please confirm which part is broken, and send us clear pictures of the broken parts and the parcel box to check and confirm first.

One of the high/low beam was out. How do I get the replacement?

Please switch the broken light to another side of the vehicle. It can make sure the correct replacement is shipped.
If it can work after doing that, we will ship you a new adapter. Or please test the plug via electro probe if you have it. Check and confirm if there is power going through. If not, this will be the problem of the adapter. Please confirm it first and contact us to arrange the replacement to ship.
If it still doesn't work, please shoot a quick video that shows the issue and send it to our Facebook message → https://www.facebook.com/LEDLightFactoryMart
Our support team will arrange the correct replacement to ship within 48hs after confirmation.

The ring doesn't work. How do I get the replacement?

Please check if the connection wire correctly or loose. If the wire connection is correct, please turn on the turn signal light. If the turn signal light could work normally, there is something wrong with the control box. If it still doesn't work normally, there is something wrong with the headlight.
Please confirm it first and attach the picture or video to our Facebook message for us to confirm.→ https://www.facebook.com/LEDLightFactoryMart
We could apply the replacement based on the pic or video.

I just received/installed the fog light and find it doesn't work? How do I get the replacement?

Our product had passed the QC test before shipping and we make sure it could work normally.
As for the fog light, please confirm the problem if it was in the plug-in on the left front line. The ground wire on the plug-in that had pulled back will not make a connection. Or please check if the plug was backward. All these will cause the light doesn't work. Please feel free to contact us if still doesn't work after all is confirmed.


Please check to see if the fogginess is due to condensation or if the lens itself is bad. Condensation does not cause a problem with the normal operation of the light.

IP ratings do not guarantee resistance as air is still trapped in the sealed assemblies, particles of which can still be condensed. For more details, please read more here. --> https://www.ledfactorymart.com/blogs/news/condensation-or-water-ingress

There is a venting hole in the back of LED lights. Please open it for a few hours. The water vapor can be excluded after a few hours of lighting. After the water vapor disappears, close the venting hole again. If the cause is not related to condensation, please drop up a line with a picture of the product and we will help you to apply the replacement.