Roxmad Snorkel Air Intake for 2016-2024 Toyota Tacoma

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Integrate the air intake snorkel into your 2016-2024 Toyota Tacoma for improved engine performance. Increases airflow to the engine, delivering higher horsepower and torque and preventing engine damage during off-roading. Improve performance and protect your engine with this easy-to-install upgrade.

Key Features:

  • Improvement of Deep Water Off-road Capability: Installing a 4x4 air intake snorkel can improve the Toyota Tacoma's ability to pass through deep water. The Tacoma is equipped with a snorkel kit that increases the height of the engine air intake, allowing the vehicle to safely cross rivers, streams, or deep water.
  • Engine Protection: The air intake snorkel not only improves deep water off-road capabilities but also effectively protects the engine from water and dust. This design prevents water or impurities from entering the engine, extending engine life and reducing maintenance costs.
  • Improved Engine Performance: Installing a truck air intake snorkel can help improve engine performance by providing cleaner and cooler air, increasing engine efficiency, especially in harsh environments.
  • Appearance Enhancement: The installation of an off-road snorkel can give the vehicle a more adventurous and off-road style appearance. This modification not only improves functionality but also adds unique appearance features to the vehicle.
  • Adapt to More Driving Environments: Whether on muddy off-road sections or in desert or swamp areas, the Tacoma equipped with a wading hose can adapt to diverse driving environments.
  • Enhanced Vehicle Value: For car enthusiasts looking for more performance and off-road capabilities, a Tacoma that has had a snorkel for Tacoma installed has a higher used market value because it is one of the features that has been modified to enhance performance. 


Type: Snorkel Air Intake
Material: LLDPE/Polyethylene
UV Resistant: YES
Color: Black
Placement on Vehicle: Front, Right
Features: Cold-Air, Dry


2016 Toyota Tacoma Snorkel Kit
2017 Toyota Tacoma Snorkel Kit
2018 Toyota Tacoma Snorkel Kit
2019 Toyota Tacoma Snorkel Kit
2020 Toyota Tacoma Snorkel Kit
2021 Toyota Tacoma Snorkel Kit
2022 Toyota Tacoma Snorkel Kit
2023 Toyota Tacoma Snorkel Kit
2016-2023 Toyota Tacoma 3.5L V6

Package Included:

 1 x Air Snorkel Intake

air intake snorkel to improve deep water Off-road capability for toyota tacomaair snorkel intake to improve deep water Off-road capability for toyota tacomasnorkel air intake to improve deep water Off-road capability for toyota tacomaair intake snorkel with high quality ABS

Customer Reviews

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immy higginbottom
Improved MPG


Only if you dare!

Great product. I installed it and the only thing you must ask yourself is " do I wanna cut a hole into a 40-50k truck fender". My answer was yes. Looks awesome!! Functions great.

Been here awhile
Easy install. Good product

Easy to install, took less than 2 hours. Instructions are very easy to follow, comes with a template that you tape to your body panel and points out exactly where to cut and drill. Definitely made cutting a 6" hole in my truck less scary. They recommended a 5/8" drill bit to drill the mounting holes, but a 1/2" worked fine for me and is easier to acquire. Sturdy and looks good.

Chris mcknight
Fit good

Fit on my 2020 Tacoma great, used a 3” 90 boot and a piece of 3” pipe to connect the snorkel to the intake

Great addition!

Adapted this on an offroad truck for driving thru shallow streams and rocky rivers.

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