Blue Decor LED Strip Red Brake Light For Car Trunk Tailgate Cargo Illumination

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Availability: In stock

2.Voltage: 12V DC
4.Can completely compatible with most Cars ,Trucks, SUV, RV, VAN
5.This led tailgate light bar supply to 4 kinds functions: tail light ,reverse light,turn signal ,brake light

Function Description:

Products with a total of six external input lines, red line connected to VXX, black ground wire.
1. Green Line: while connecting with ACC, bright ice blue
2. White Brake: braking all right red
3. Yellow steering: The right turn,25% of red luminance from the left to the right and streamer;the left turn,25% of red luminance from right to thr left streamer;
4. Double flash, red streamer from the middle while the same rate to both side, the middle period of steady red light
5. Brake+Steering: Brakes and steering while a signal when all bright red streamer, streamer mode with the steering,3,4

Package Included:
One set trunk strip light