2024 Toyota Tacoma is Coming May 19

Get ready for the highly anticipated debut of the 2024 Toyota Tacoma! A fresh teaser has just been released, giving us a captivating bird's-eye view of the upcoming pickup truck.

Although the trucks showcased in the image aren't wearing any camouflage, they appear quite small, making it a bit challenging to make out the finer details. However, one cannot miss the stylish white Tacoma, which sports a captivating black element on its hood. An earlier teaser has hinted that this element is a small scoop, adding a touch of sportiness to the truck's overall design. In addition, the other pickup truck featured in the teaser seems to have a dark blue or black exterior. Drawing attention on its side is a glossy element along the cargo bed, possibly serving as a stylish style bar.

Toyota Tacoma

An intriguing leaked image (below) has emerged, purportedly exposing the unmasked design of the upcoming Tacoma. Notably, the image showcases the truck's commanding presence, accentuated by its substantial fender flares and an eye-catching hood scoop. These distinctive features strongly suggest that this particular variant of the new Tacoma aims to deliver a more rugged driving experience. In line with this, it is rumored that Toyota will offer the highly anticipated TRD Pro version, renowned for its exceptional off-road capabilities, as well as an exciting new Trailhunter edition. With these options on the horizon, the Tacoma is poised to cater to adventure enthusiasts and those seeking an elevated level of performance.


Following the debut on May 19, expect the new Tacoma to arrive at dealers either before the end of 2023 or in early 2024. Pricing is still a mystery, but the current truck starts at $29,585.

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Everything We Know About the 2024 Toyota Tacoma So Far

When will the 2024 Toyota Tacoma arrive?

Following the debut on May 19, expect the new Tacoma to arrive at dealers either before the end of 2023 or in early 2024. Pricing is still a mystery, but the current truck starts at $29,585.

Manual transmission option

Exciting news for manual transmission enthusiasts! Toyota has officially confirmed that the next generation of the Tacoma will continue to offer the beloved manual transmission option.

While the exact placement of the manual gearbox within the new lineup remains uncertain, reports suggest that Toyota has been diligently developing a manual transmission specifically designed for hybrid performance vehicles. However, it is anticipated that the manual transmission will likely be limited to gasoline-powered options.

As of now, the current Tacoma already provides a manual transmission choice across the TRD Pro, TRD Sport, and TRD Off-Road grades. Stay tuned for further updates as Toyota unveils more details about the highly anticipated next generation Tacoma and its manual transmission offerings.

Trailhunter version

Toyota made waves at the 2022 SEMA Show when they showcased a captivating Tundra concept, providing a glimpse of their upcoming Trailhunter grade designed for trucks and SUVs. Positioned as a new premium edition, the Trailhunter is set to take its place above the esteemed TRD Pro.

In response to the overwhelming anticipation, Toyota has officially confirmed that the 2024 Tacoma will indeed receive the highly anticipated Trailhunter model. Adding to the excitement, ARB 4x4 has offered a tantalizing preview of some of the factory-added accessories that will be featured on this remarkable truck. Get ready to embark on thrilling off-road adventures with the Trailhunter edition, as Toyota takes the Tacoma to new heights of capability and style.

I-Force Max hybrid V6

The renowned TRD Pro version will be equipped with the impressive 3.5-liter (technically 3.4-liter) i-Force Max V6 hybrid engine, previously seen in the Tundra and Sequoia.

In the Tundra, this remarkable engine unleashes an astounding 437 horsepower and a colossal 583 lb-ft of torque, delivering exhilarating performance. While specifics remain under wraps, it is speculated that the Tacoma variant of the i-Force Max engine may undergo slight detuning to position itself below the Tundra. Brace yourself for a thrilling combination of power and efficiency as the new Tacoma makes its grand entrance.


Toyota is embarking on a comprehensive update of its truck lineup, transitioning to the new TNGA-F truck platform, featuring a robust body-on-frame architecture. This innovative platform serves as the foundation for an impressive array of vehicles, including the recently unveiled J300 Land Cruiser, the highly anticipated new Toyota Tundra, the redesigned Toyota Sequoia, and the luxurious Lexus LX 600.

Excitingly, the new platform will also extend its capabilities to the mid-size segment, with the forthcoming new 4Runner and the highly anticipated new Tacoma receiving a scaled-down version tailored for their unique requirements. With this significant update, Toyota is set to deliver a new level of performance, technology, and versatility across its truck lineup, ensuring that enthusiasts and adventure-seekers can experience the ultimate in capability and refinement.

Removable speaker

Toyota confirmed that the 2024 Toyota Tacoma will have an available JBL Flex speaker that is portable and removable.

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