5 Reasons Why You Need Jeep Tube Doors

Jeep enthusiasts often love hitting their vehicle off-road and, in their quest, to explore the wilderness on their jeep, they desire to shed as much weight as possible off the vehicle. This enhances the storage capacity and maneuvering capabilities of the jeep. To achieve this, some opt to remove the hard or soft tops while others choose to remove the heavy metallic doors. 

While removing the factory metal doors seems like a great idea for an open cabin driving experience, the issues of safety can be a concern for some jeep owners. Replacement of factory doors with tube doors can be an excellent solution to these problems. You might be wondering what tube doors are. These are doors crafted out of steel tubes and molded into a door frame. Hence, they act as a great barrier between the passengers and the outdoor. Now, what are the benefits of installing tube doors? We are going to list this one by one. 

Safety: This is the most important pro of tube doors. While providing a great open-air experience, tube doors also provide a sufficient amount of safety to the riders. Especially on rocky uneven terrains, tubular doors offer good solid support to hold onto during the bumps and jumps and help the passengers stay safe within the vehicle by providing a firm boundary. 

5 Reasons Why You Need Jeep Tube Doors

Open-Air Experience: Tube doors provide a fun open-air experience but with safety. With factory doors, you still feel enclosed within the jeep. On the other hand, tube doors make you feel like you are moving without any doors. These doors come in many designs and shapes, you may opt to choose the design that best suits your needs and wishes to enjoy an out-of-doors escapade.

No Frowning: Taking your jeep on streets without factory doors may cause others to frown upon it due to the factor of legality. However, the placement of tubular doors may help you escape these frowns even if not the legal issues. You must check with the local laws and regulations regarding the legal standing of tube door installation. 

Customization: For people looking to make personalized modifications to their jeep, removing factory doors and installing tube doors in their place can be a great step. The tubular doors come in a variety of shapes and designs and you can even paint these as per your liking to achieve the look you desire. Hence, tubular door installation can turn into a great customization action.

Storage Bags and Mirrors: Tubular doors come with amazing storage bags on the inner sides which can help you store small personal items such as a first aid kit, torch, etc. Any additional space that you acquire on your jeep is valuable. These doors also come with side mirrors so you don’t have to worry about losing the factory side mirrors that come with the metallic doors. No fabrication is thus required for mirror installation.

5 Reasons Why You Need Jeep Tube Doors

All in all, tube doors provide fun, safety, great maneuvering capabilities, and personalization for the off-road journey of your jeep!

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