All You Need to Know About Baildon's Harley-Davidson Rally

If you are a fan of motorcycles, especially the iconic Harley-Davidson brand, you might want to mark your calendar for the next August Bank Holiday weekend. That's when Baildon, a village in West Yorkshire, England, hosts its annual Harley-Davidson rally, which is believed to be the UK's largest. The event attracts hundreds of bikers and spectators from all over the country and beyond, who come to enjoy a weekend of live music, trade stands, and bank holiday fun in Baildon's pubs and rugby club. The highlight of the event is the spectacular ride-out on Sunday morning, when the bikers rev their engines and parade through the village streets, leaving behind a trail of thunderous roars and glistening chrome. Upgrade your Harley with Led factory mart’s accessories and unleash its full potential

History of the event

Baildon's Harley-Davidson Rally history of the event

The Baildon Harley-Davidson rally has a long and rich history that dates back to 1979, when a group of local bikers decided to organize a gathering of Harley enthusiasts at the Shipley Glen pub. The event was a success and soon became an annual tradition, attracting more and more participants each year. The rally also became a charity fundraiser, supporting various causes such as cancer research, children's hospices, and veterans' associations. Over the years, the rally has grown in size and popularity, moving to different venues such as the Bracken Hall Countryside Centre and the Baildon Rugby Club. The event has also featured celebrity guests such as actor Ewan McGregor and musician Billy Idol.

What to expect

The Baildon Harley-Davidson rally is a four-day event that usually takes place between August 26 and 29. The event kicks off on Friday evening with live music and entertainment at various pubs and venues in Baildon. On Saturday, there are more live performances, as well as trade stands, food stalls, and competitions at the rugby club. On Sunday, the main attraction is the ride-out, which starts at 1 pm from the rugby club. The bikers form a long procession that winds through Baildon's streets, passing by landmarks such as the Town Hall, the Potted Meat Stick, and the Glen Tramway. The ride-out then continues to Otley Road via Roundwood Road, before returning to Baildon. The event concludes on Monday with more live music and entertainment.

How to join

How to join Baildon's Harley-Davidson Rally

If you are interested in joining the Baildon Harley-Davidson rally as a participant or a spectator, you will need to register online or on-site. The registration fee is £10 per person for the whole weekend, which includes access to all events and facilities. You will also receive a wristband that identifies you as a rally participant. If you are bringing your own Harley-Davidson motorcycle, you will need to display a rally sticker on your bike. You can also rent a Harley-Davidson from one of the local dealerships or join one of the organized tours that visit the rally. If you are looking for accommodation, there are several options available in Baildon and nearby areas, such as hotels, bed and breakfasts, campsites, and caravans.

Why you should go

The Baildon Harley-Davidson rally is more than just a motorcycle event. It is a celebration of culture, community, and charity. It is an opportunity to meet new people who share your passion for Harleys and enjoy a weekend of fun and excitement. It is also a chance to support worthy causes and make a difference in the lives of others. Whether you are a biker or not, you will find something to enjoy at the Baildon Harley-Davidson rally. So don't miss out on this unique experience and join the next edition of this amazing event!

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