Better Safe Than Sorry: Crash Bar Lights for your Harley

Just as airbags keep the driver safe from the impact of any crashes of the vehicle, crash bars or highway bars also do the same for a motorcycle. It also helps prevent the engine and fuel tank from getting damaged in such a scenario. But what can make riding Harley even more safe is the increased visibility for the rider on the road and the ease for other drivers to spot it. One method to achieve this is by installing lights on the crash bars.

Installation of crash bar lights renders many benefits for the rider, we are going to list these here one by one for you.

Harley Bar Lights

Increased Safety: Riding your Harley with crash bar lights becomes safer because it provides a wider beam compared to just the headlights at the center. This comes in handy, especially at night times and on roads and terrains poorly lit. With a broader lightened path ahead, the rider is more confident while riding and hence enjoys a safer riding experience by spotting any bumps and jumps on the road.

Increased Visibility: The crash bar lights improve the visibility of the Harley on the road. It helps other drivers easily spot your Harley while coming from the opposite side. This also leads to a lesser risk of crashing into another vehicle.

More Noticeable Indication Lights: Most after-market crash bar lights for Harley come with an indication or turn signal lights. This is an added advantage of installing crash bar lights. These lights often offer dual functionalities i.e., one for continuous running lights and the other for indication while making a turn. The color of the lights may even be different for the two scenarios. The indication lamps in such a case make the turning Harley more visible on a road.

Better Safe Than Sorry: Crash Bar Lights for your Harley

Universal Application: If you initially bought the crash bar lights to install on the crash bars but changed your mind, later on, no worries. These lights can fit any hollow bar of around 1-1/4-inch diameter. It can be crash bars, engine guards, or handlebars. More importantly, it can fit not just the Harley but also other motorcycle models such as Road King, Victory, Street Glide, etc.

Fantastic Looks: Last but not the least, the installation of these lights makes your Harley stand out from all the other motorcycles. These lights will add to the fantastic looks of your Harley, make it more prominent and if you are looking to make a style statement, you will achieve that.

Harley LED Bar Lights

All in all, crash bar lights can help you ride your Harley more safely, with better visibility, enhanced looks, and multiple functionalities. To make a good quality purchase of crash bar lights for your Harley, you can check out LED Factory Mart’s crash bar lights for your Harley! 

We hope you will love this new addition to your Harley and will enjoy the experience after having this. Happy riding!

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