Cleaning Foggy/Fogging Lenses: Complete Step-by-Step Guide and Tips

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lenses are an integral part of any vehicle. They are like the eyes of the vehicle while you are driving down a dark road during the night. By installing these lenses, the light is focused and dispersed guaranteed that you get ample illumination. With the passing days, the LED lenses may become foggy and may not perform with full efficiency resulting in ineffectiveness. In this article, we will probe the possible causes of foggy LED lenses and find out ways to clean them. We will also shed light on a step-by-step guide on how to clean the lenses to restore their maximum illumination and clarity. Let's get started!

Finding Out the Causes of Foggy LED Lenses

Before we dive deep down into some other details, let's first get to know the main reasons for the accumulation of a foggy texture. Listed below are some reasons that have been found after thorough research on this problem. Let's take a look!

Temperature Changes and Moisture Build-up: LED lights generate heat and this heat accumulation is one of the major reasons for the foggy lenses. The internal heat and external low temperature around the LEDs result in condensation from the warm air causing the fogging to occur.

Temperature Changes and Moisture Build-up

Dirt, Dust, and Debris Collection on the Lenses: If you are adventurous, you may have faced this problem a lot! In harsh conditions such as muddy trails, sandy roads, and jungle scenarios, a lot of dust and debris may settle into the lenses of the LEDs. This is very common for external LED lights that do not have any additional protection from unwanted particles. The particles settle in and obstruct the passage of light through the lenses. In the end, you notice fogging of the lenses and less light output from the LED headlights, tail lights, or indicators.

Dirt, Dust, and Debris Collection on the Lenses

Water Infiltration into the LEDs: Venturing into the wilds or in rainy conditions is an awesome feeling but what if water would seep into the LEDs causing fogging? This would be a nightmare especially if you are travelling during the night! Always ensure that the seals and gaskets are securely installed so that moisture or water droplets are less likely to invade the interior. Any moisture getting into the LEDs will result in evaporation via high temperature and foggy accumulation on the lenses which is a major cause for problems.

Here is a video that will guide you on the process of perfectly installing a LED light on your vehicle.

Safety Precaution for Cleaning the Lenses

Before you start anything, always remember that safety is the utmost priority to keep you safe from any mishap. Also, safety precautions guarantee that your LED lens cleaning process does not face any damage to the component. Here is what you need to do!

Disconnect any Power Supply to the LEDs: Before you start disassembling the LED, make sure that you have disconnected any power source to the LED. Removing the battery connections is the best way to do it. Doing this keeps you are the LED fixture both safe from any short-circuits or shocks.

Make use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Cleaning the lenses requires removing various parts to expose the lens. Also, you are using chemicals to clean the lens. What if any accidental chemical spills/sprays get into your eye? You do not want that to happen! Always wear safety glasses/goggles and gloves to protect yourself from any chemicals and tiny shrapnel that could injure your eyes.

Make use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Be Gentle: The LED lenses can shatter if excessive force or pressure is exerted on them. Always be mindful while cleaning them and avoid the use of heavy tools.

Step-by-Step Guide for the Cleaning Process of Lenses

The following steps will help you clean the LED lenses and restore their full functionality. Also, take a look at this video on how to access the LED light. Here is how you do it!

Collect the essential materials you need to clean the lens. Microfiber cloth, mild detergent (for example dishwashing soap) or a lens cleaning product, and distilled water are the basic requirements. Pro Tip: Do not use any abrasive cloth material or chemicals.

Start by removing the lens cover or access panel to gain access to the foggy lens. Pro tip: check the manufacturer's instructions for dismantling the component.

Before you apply the detergent or cleaning agent, wipe off any dust or dirt with a microfiber cloth to reduce the risk of scratches on the lens.

Prepare the cleaning solution by adding a few drops of detergent into the distilled water to form a foamy mix. Pro tip: Do not use tap water as it could contain unwanted particles that can cause damage to the lens.

Now take a new microfiber cloth and dampen it. Caution: Do not dampen it excessively resulting in dripping. This can cause damage to the internal components of the LED.

While applying gentle pressure, move the cloth in a circular motion to clean the foggy texture off the lens surface. Any grime or dirt will loosen up with this movement.

Repeat the process after rinsing it with distilled water. You aim to remove any detergent residue and obtain a shiny lens surface.

Now let the lens dry completely before assembling it. Caution: Do not leave it in an open outdoor environment as dust could accumulate on it again. Also, if you want to dry it quickly then pat dry it to avoid any scratches.

Important Note: Here is another amazing trick to clean the foggy LED. Still confused? We got our back! Check this awesome guide too!

Some Tips to Keep the Lens Clean

Here are some amazing tips that will prolong the life of the LED and keep the lens clean. Let's learn more!

Routine inspections can help prevent a major buildup of dirt or debris on the lens.

Make sure that the lens is properly installed with the seals in place.

Using desiccant packs will help to reduce any moisture around the lens.

Ensuring a cleaner environment around the lens helps a lot. Regularly clean and wash the surrounding to avoid fogging.

Conclusion: The performance of an LED light depends on maintenance. If you regularly clean it then there is less chance of fogging. Seeking professional help is also a smart way to keep the lenses in top condition if you are unsure of the technicalities of the cleaning process. A little care and regular checks can prolong the lifespan of the LED and the lens by many folds. So, what are you waiting for? Follow this guide and make the cleaning process easier!

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