Difference between Toyota 4Runner TRD Sport and TRD Off-Road

Toyota 4Runner is a capable pickup truck for both on-road and off-road traveling. While there are many models and trims Toyota has manufactured under the label 4Runner, two among these seem similar to most SUV buyers and they are TRD Sport and TRD Off-road. Though these two share many similarities, there are still some stark differences that distinguish these from each other.

Knowing these differences will help purchasers buy the one as per their needs and requirements. So, in this article, you will get all the details related to Toyota 4Runner TRD Sport vs TRD Off-Road. Keep reading as we’ll be drawing comparisons in detail touching upon all relevant aspects you may be interested in knowing!

Pricing: The first thought that may cross your mind is the difference in the price of these two SUVs. Both 4Runner TRD Sport and TRD Off-Road cost the same. For reference, both 3.5L V6 engine AT 4x4 6-ft. bed Access Cab in TRD Sport and TRD Off-Road, are priced at approximately $40,000 according to the official website of Toyota. It is important to note as a customer that both these models are different in their purposes and are characteristically similar in many aspects. So TRD Off-Road is more suitable for off-roading trips as the name suggests, whereas Sport is good on pavement and can be taken off-road but with a few options missing that the former offers. Toyota 4Runner TRD Sport Limited costs more than these two and is being offered at $44,500 approximately. Though its performance is similar to the previous two, it outshines in the interior comfort with leather-trimmed heated seats and auto-dimming day/night rear-view mirror.

Exterior: The exterior involves many different aspects, we are going to cover the most significant ones here one by one.

  • Hood Scoop: The most noticeable physical difference between TRD Sport and TRD Off-road is the presence of the hood scoop in the former. This not only adds class to the Sport vehicle but also improves engine performance as it helps heat to be radiated more effectively. The hood scoop is not present in the Limited edition either. 
  • Wheels and Tires: Another major dissimilarity is in the size of the wheels. The TRD Sport comes with 17-inch machined-contrast alloy wheels while the TRD Off-road comes with 16-inch wheels of the same material. The 4Runner Off-road is provided with tires bigger in size than those of TRD Sport because while off-roading it is essential to have more clearance from the ground so as not to harm your vehicle’s undercarriage and tires bigger in size offer bigger approach and departure angles as well despite having the wheel size smaller.
  • Panoramic View and Multi-Terrain Monitor: The Sport Edition comes with Panoramic View Monitor (PVM) whereas the Off-road model comes with Multi-Terrain Monitor (MTM). The former offers a wide-angle view of the front and the back of the vehicle and displays the same on the navigation screen while the latter is specially designed to help drive the vehicle on demanding off-road terrains. It displays the front, back, and sides of the vehicle and saves the truck from any potential damages. The Limited edition comes with a camera in the front grilles as well.


You can watch this video to know how these systems work in Toyota 4Runner


  • Headlights: Both these models come with projector-beam headlights that feature LED DRL lights as well as wide-angle fog lights. If you may, however, wish to upgrade these you have many fancy aftermarket options to choose from. There are headlights with DRL and dynamic turn signal lights that can enhance both the safety and looks of your 4Runner. Another upgrade may involve replacing the factory grilles with new grilles that are available with raptor lights. This will accentuate the overall looks of your Toyota 4Runner and set it apart from other SUV trucks. One last recommendation from our side will be to install RGB LED Pods work lights that are manufactured to provide maximum visibility and safety. 

 You can watch this video to understand the headlights replacement process

Interior: Internally, the options and instrumentation displays are almost the same in both these editions. One additional feature in TRD Off-road is that along with the usual speedometer, tachometer, coolant temperature, and fuel gauges, there is an inclinometer installed that displays the roll/ pitch which is helpful during maneuvering over uneven surfaces and can help you monitor your vehicle in an unstable equilibrium position. Other features such as multimedia system, remote keyless entry system, climate control, and individual temperature settings for both driver and front passenger are the same in both these models. 

Safety: All the safety systems are the same in both these versions. There is a broad range of these safety systems but to highlight a few, they include Stability Control, Anti-Lock Braking System, Smart Stop technology, Pre-Collision Detect System, Radar Cruise Control, Automatic High Beams, Tire Pressure Monitor with the location of the individual tire, airbags at knees, front, rear and sides, and Engine Immobilizer anti-theft system. All of these remarkable systems help make your drive smooth and safe.

Performance: While the engine power, torque force, and speed are the same for both these editions, one major difference that sets them apart is the presence of an electronically controlled locking rear differential in the TRD Off-road version. This feature allows the rear wheels to turn at the same speed and hence if your vehicle gets stuck somewhere, the rear wheels can give that extra traction. This is such a powerful and useful feature for off-roading trips. If you wish to see an overall review and ranking of the Toyota 4Runner amongst other SUV trucks, you can check this link

Off-Pavement: This is where TRD Off-road differs from TRD Sport and this is what TRD Off-road is specifically designed for. One amazing feature is Crawl Control with Multi-Terrain Select in which moving on tough terrain becomes easier as the driver only has to control the steering and the acceleration and braking is being taken care of at low speeds by the vehicle itself. It is crucial to note, however, that both editions come with Hill Start Assist Control. This function is really helpful when starting the vehicle on steep hills as it prevents it from rolling backward or forward. 

In Summary

All in all, both Toyota 4Runner TRD Sport and TRD Off-road are capable SUV trucks both on-road and off-road. However, the latter provides a more comfortable ride on terrains not so smooth. With some particular features, such as bigger tires, locking rear differential, and Craw Control, to assist while navigating through rough trails, TRD Off-road is a very competent vehicle to travel on your next off-roading expedition. Happy off-roading!

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