Drive Safe at Night with an Adequately Lit Third Spare Tire Brake Light

When driving at night, your visibility to see what’s ahead of you is as important as your vehicle’s identifiability from the rear to be truly safe. On highways, where vehicles are being driven at really high speeds, fast and properly illuminated brake lights can help prevent many accidents. A third spare tire brake light also plays a vital role in alarming the vehicle right behind you in case of sudden braking as it is bigger in size than the other two rear brake lights. We are going to throw light on how upgrading the stock rear wheel lights can benefit you in many ways.

Enhanced Visibility during Speedy Rides: If you want your vehicle to stay safe during those microsecond near clash scenarios, fast and bright spare tire brake lights can be very important. These 3rd brake lights make the driver in the vehicle behind yours alert in the right time by being bigger in size and hence catch the attention instantaneously. The after-market spare tire brake lights often come with an increased number of LED beads which make your driving even safer.

Safe During Parking: These aftermarket lights just adequately light up the rear contours of your jeep, hence even while you are parking it or moving away from the parking lot at night time, your jeep is identifiable from a distance, keeping it safe from even minor scratches resulting from light-natured frictional movements against other bodies or vehicles.

The Ease of Installation: Most people hold back the urge to make this modification because of their fears of a hectic procedure or the efforts involved during installation. With the instruction manual available to guide you fully, the process is super simple involving three steps mainly. The first removal of the spare wheel. Second, installing the lights into the studs and making the wire connections as mentioned in the manual, and lastly installing the spare wheel back into its place.

Protection from Elements Plus Style: With high ingress protection, your new spare tire brake lights are safe from all kinds of elements such as dirt, snow, water, etc. Also, it is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions such as extreme windy, stormy or rainy conditions. What more to look for in lights than long life and durability? Moreover, these lights add to the appearance of your jeep.

Fitment: One last thing that might be bothering you is if the new lights will fit your jeep model perfectly or not. Well, the after-market lights are manufactured for various different models. Led Factory Mart has a variety of third spare tire brake lights for different models of Jeep Wrangler such as JL, JK, JLU, and JKU. Choose the right one as per your requirement. Check these links to know further details:

Overall, the idea of improved visibility, style and safety of your jeep on road during dark hours is a very appealing one. Hence don’t hold back and go for upgraded spare tire brake lights!


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