Electric Jeep Shows Its Off-Road Chops

We know, we know – it’s not quite ‘Wheeling Wednesday’, but this video below from the CAD4X Laboratory at the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology started making the rounds yesterday and caught our eye.

First posted by Andrew Collins over at Jalopnik, the folks in Korea apparently rolled this clip out around eight months ago to show off their fully electric JK with a dual 60 kW motor and Kokam NMC battery - which they claim puts out 160 horsepower and around 210 ft-lbs of instantaneous torque. They claim it has no problem keeping up with diesel powered Jeeps on any type of terrain.

CAD4X’s Wrangler sits on 37-inch tires, with a Teraflex Long Arm Suspension System, and certainly looks to have no problem powering over whatever obstacle is in the way.

Many of you know, but if you don’t, Fiat Chrysler does plan to eventually roll out EV tech in the next generation JL Wrangler, however that kind of power may still be 3-5 years away from launch.

But if the automaker can add EV capability to the Wrangler that provides results anywhere near this, then it should definitely draw strong off-road interest.

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