Gear Up For Off-Roading After Upgrading The Lights Combo Of Your Jeep

Off-roading despite being adventurous brings with it a lot of challenges such as driving on rough terrains or dimly lit pathways. Making sure the headlight illumination is right for such terrain is crucial. Stock halogen lamps for headlights, fog lights, or tail lights do not project bright beams and more often than not off-roaders opt to upgrade these lights with LED light combinations. You can upgrade headlights, tail lights, fog lights, or 3rd brake lights individually or can go for one combination package as per your needs. In this blog, we will present you with two such jeep combos available at more than a 30% discount these days!

Jeep Lights Combo

JL Mega Bundle- 9” LED RGB Headlight, RGB Fog Lights, Tail Lights, and Brake Lights: For people looking to upgrade all the halogen lamps with LED lights all at once are in the right place. This combination, as mentioned above, offers four lights: RGB Headlights, RGB fog lights, tail lights, and brake lights for Jeep Wrangler JL. Both headlights and fog lights have RGB Halo LED light the colors of which can be chosen from a set of 16 million and even the timing and flashing functions are adjustable all via one Bluetooth-controlled App. Moreover, the installation process is super easy and can be carried out within 20 minutes or so. The cherry on top is that these lights do not even require a mounting bracket. These lights are so manufactured that they offer high ingress protection and thus you don’t have to worry about water droplets entering the lights during rainfall or car washes. The headlights offer RGB Halo, high and low beam functions. 

The tail lights provide enough illumination on road for other drivers to spot your turning vehicle. The tail lights serve as turn signals, brake, backup reverse, and running lights. The last part included is the 3rd brake light. These LED lights are smoked so these don’t blind the drivers following you but at the same time offer adequate illumination and a dazzling look to your jeep’s back. If you want to check other details of this combo by LFM, please click here:

The 3-in-1 Bundle- 7” LED RGB Headlights, 9” Headlight Bracket, and LED Fog Lights: This package includes all the essential LED lights for someone just looking to upgrade a few lighting parts of the jeep at one time. The package includes RGB LED Headlights with brackets and LED fog lights. The headlights are RGB and offer different dynamic modes, music modes, and flashing functions using a Bluetooth-controlled App. The plug-and-play installation of both lights makes the process really easy. The fog lights come with a breather at the back side to solve the issue of moisture and water getting trapped inside the lights. The 9” diameter bracket is required when upgrading stock headlights to aftermarket ones. This bracket offers great flexibility in setting the angle of the headlights. All the materials used to manufacture the lights and their housing are highly durable. You can check further details here:

In conclusion, we would recommend you to go for these LED Light combos. At this time of the year, you can even enjoy some great discounts while making the purchase. Happy shopping, but yes, happy jeeping too!

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