Harley Davidson: 8 Best Accessory Types and Their Advantages!

Harley Davidson is not just a bike, it's a lifestyle that demands dedication and attention to detail when taking care of your bike. Personalization is the key to keeping our bike in top shape and fully functional. To achieve this feat, you need to keep in mind that accessories have to be added to the bike. Doing so will enhance your riding experience no matter the type of journey you pursue. Functional modifications, style enhancements, and add-ons as performance upgrades contribute to an excellent experience.

In this article, we will be highlighting the 8 amazing ways that can help you enhance your Harley Davidson if you are planning a journey soon. Let's have a look at the best ways of modification!

  1.       High-Performance Exhaust Systems for Better Performance

Exhausts are not just for show but they help improve the horsepower and torque. Adding a high-quality exhaust to your Harley Davidson is an added advantage if it increases the overall power of your bike.

 High-Performance Exhaust Systems for Better Performance


You can choose from a variety of slip-on mufflers or full-system ones to match your preferred riding style. Now you can elevate your riding and style by putting on a single piece of accessory!

  1.       Windshield to Help You Cruise Smoothly

If you are cruising through a sandy or rainy location then a windshield is your most important protection against any debris. During high-speed rides, even a tiny insect will hit like a stone on your body so installing a windshield can deflect wind and debris without much effort. Also, it adds that sense of style to your ride and adds that extra touch of personal style.

Windshield to Help You Cruise Smoothly
  1.       LED Lights for More Visibility

Having a bright LED headlight increases visibility while you are riding down the road. Upgrading your Harley Davidson's lighting can be a little challenge but its perks are unmatched. LEDs are energy-efficient bulbs that are brighter and long-lasting than conventional bulbs. The LED lighting system is a combination of headlights, tail lights, and other types of aesthetics lighting on your bike. These additions are not only for style but they offer safety for the rider too.

LED Lights for More Visibility


  1.       Upgrade the Comfort

One thing that a rider would love to have been a comfortable seat. Long-distance rides are not easy so adding a comfortable seat to your Harley Davidson would be an excellent choice. You may have to look for seats that offer amazing support and cushioning to avoid any discomfort while riding. In today's world, memory foam seats are an impressive choice that keeps in mind your body shape and comfortable posture making them famous among bike enthusiasts.

  1.       Saddlebags for More Inventory Space

If you have planned a long trip then carrying essentials is a must! Equipping your Harley Davidson bike with saddlebags is a great way to carry more stuff with you on your trip. You can store tools, gear, food items, personal belongings, spare parts, and similar items. You should choose bags that are crafted using durable materials and offer waterproofing.

Pro tip: If you are having a hard time installing the saddlebag then watch a step-by-step tutorial for more info!

  1.       Custom Foot Pegs and Grips for Added Convenience

You do not want your handles to vibrate like a jackhammer breaking the road! Adding custom grips can reduce the vibration even on a rough ride. Your hands feel more comfortable on long journeys if you have a high-quality grip installed. Similarly, foot pegs help in resting your foot without feeling fatigued. There are numerous options to choose from for example, rubber, exotic wood, or even chrome material is some of the known choices for riders. So, if you want to personalize your bike then this is one way to do so!

  1.       Smartphone Mounts for Ease of Use

You may travel to new locations and journey along paths that you have never ridden on. In such situations, your smartphone is the best gadget to navigate the right path. On a high-speed road, holding your phone in your hand and checking the navigation is not a smart move. You need something to hold your device in place. Smartphone mounts allow you the utility and the access to easily place your phone while checking the navigation visually or via earpiece. You might want to install a mount that offers shock absorption and weather resistance.

  1.       Engine Guards for More Protection

You do not want the engine damaged by a rock or debris hitting it by force while riding down a road. To avoid such mishaps, engine guards are available that keep the engine area safe from rocks, debris, and even fall damage. On a Harley Davidson, the engine and frame need additional safety so that you do not suffer from a lot of loss if you end up in an accident. Engine guards are available in various designs that can complement your bike as per your demand.

Advantages of Adding Accessories on Your Bike

Adding accessories to your Harley Davidson gives you an edge over other types of bikes. You get several perks that help with functionality and comfort while riding your bike. Let's shed some light on the advantages!

  1.       Accessorizing your bike adds a personal touch, style, and aesthetics to your bike. It gives you a sense of exclusivity and makes your bike stand out among others.
  1.   Adding performance accessories like exhaust filters, or engine upgrades can greatly improve the performance of the bike. You can ensure that your long journeys will be completed with ease with reliable add-ons.
  2.   There are a lot of accessories that elevate the comfort level while riding your bike. Windshields, soft cushion seats, ergonomic grips, etc. are some very common upgrades that riders prefer for their bike.
  3.   Boost the resale value with the addition of accessories that you add to your bike. Aesthetic upgrades such as paint, decals, and functional upgrades like tail lights, headlights, and headlight protectors. The stock models are sold for less value while a custom-made bike will bring in more cash when sold. Harley Davidson has a potentially booming market that can be taken advantage of by adding unique upgrades to your bike.
  4.   You can add saddlebags, smartphone mounts, and GPS systems to your bike to further enhance the functionality of the bike. This ensures that you will easily cruise through terrains that you are unfamiliar with. And in such a scenario, carrying the needed rations and equipment saves you from any problem if your bike breaks down.
  5.   Added lighting systems such as tail lights, signal lights, and similar additions can help you ride safely during the night in pitch-black conditions. Additionally, adding engine guards, crash bars, and other added critical components to your bike can make your riding experience more reliable.


Customizing Harley Davidson not only increases the comfort level but it can offer many benefits. With the right accessories, you can ensure that the functionality of the bike and the utility to mount different gadgets increases. Ultimately, your bike is the physical representation of your style and personal preference. So, no matter how you accessories your bike it will reflect your love for the bike and allow you to enhance the overall performance of the bike.
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