How April brings with it Easter, Festivities and Fun!

With April knocking on our doors, we are ready to celebrate Easter! The families must be gathering, church visits are scheduled and Easter egg hunts are being arranged. The most exciting activity for children is painting the eggs with colors. The joy of these festivities multiplies if discounted offers of our favorite items pour in. It is that time of the year when making any purchases will bring immense joy but would be light on the pockets as well. We will walk you through the activities you can do on this auspicious occasion of Easter and even till the end of April. So, in this article we are going to tell you what to do before Easter, during Easter holidays and after Easter is over!

Preparing for Easter

As the most celebrated holy event Easter is approaching, it will be great to prepare for it in advance. What can actually be done? First and foremost, this event despite being a Christian’s holy day is being celebrated all over the world, be it in Americas, Asia, Europe or Oceanic regions. Every country or continent has its own ways of rejoicing on this day. However, some acts are common throughout the world. Those include acts of spirituality. Before this day arrives, it is great to connect with it spiritually and share with the children the significance of this day. Next, making the purchases. Be it dye kits, plastic eggs, baskets, children’s traditional clothes, decorations or bunny caps, buy the accessories well ahead in time. You will most often be getting discounts at most shops including online ones, so make the most of these seasonal sales and make this year’s Easter the most memorable one.

Fun Activities to do during Easter

To make this Easter memorable, we will guide you through the fun activities you can plan and carry out. Since it is a family occasion, plan these activities together for lasting memories.

Fun Activities to do during Easter
  1. Painting Easter Eggs: Decorating and panting Easter eggs is an integral part of this occasion. Considering the mess eggs may cause, it’s better to use them boiled or maybe use some plastic egg-shaped toys. Involve your kids while dyeing the eggs. If you don’t have the dyes, consider using crayons, watercolors, food colors, stickers, and pens/markers. There are numerous ways you can paint your Easter eggs, check out this video to know these methods!
  2. Reading with the Family: Arrange for books based on the Easter theme, especially picture books for younger kids. They will love the illustrations and will also get the information in a fun way. You can also arrange a family get-together with videos playing on the television based on Easter.

  3. Hunting Easter Eggs: Younger kids love this activity as it entails more physical involvement. Place the eggs at different locations inside your home and let them find all the eggs. You may reward them with candies and sugary treats after their hunt is over. Better use the plastic ones to avoid the mess and stink the real ones can bring if they get broken by mistake, whoops!

  4. Outdoor Activities: The aforementioned activities let you enjoy Easter while being home. However, some people really want to enjoy the outdoors, and if they are  Jeep owners, what can be more exciting than the Easter Jeep Safari in April? It includes day-long trips with tails, the participants bring their own jeeps and four-wheelers and leave from Moab Utah. It lasts for almost 9 days starting from 1st April and onwards. While leaving for trails, people can go alone or can join groups. On their journey, they stop for the lunch break at noon. On Easter holidays, Moab Jeep Safari can turn out to be a great outdoor activity that will really stand out in your memory.

While planning to go to this event, prepare your jeep well. Make the right checks and make purchases you have been long waiting for, for your jeep. In fact at LFM, there is an offer of redeeming 12% at checkout for all orders using the code SAFARI12. Even if you are not planning this vacation, you can get the benefit of this sale and upgrade the lights and grills of your Jeep or purchase the Jeep cover that you have been waiting for a long time now.

Whether you are a Jeep, Harley or Tacoma owner, you can enjoy site-wide activities. For instance, you can go to a nearby off-road trail or could explore the neighborhood camping spots and could go to these campsites. There are numerous outdoor activities to plan and do during the Easter holidays with your family.  For trips as these, you might desire to remove the factory doors and replace them with the tube doors. While on far-off places, you may want to give your vehicle a modern touch with the strip rock lights. The good news is LFM is offering 20$ redeem offer at orders above $139 by using the code EASTER20. 

We really hope, the activities we have listed here will help you make the most of the Easter festival be it within the premises of your homes or off-roads.

Activities to Look Forward to After Easter

You might feel a little gloomy after the Easter festivities come to an end. But we come here with a suggestion for you to end your month of April on a happy note. For all Jeep enthusiasts, we bring forward a famous event that’s held annually and that is Jeep Beach in Florida. The Daytona Jeep Beach is the largest Jeep-only week-long event in the country that’s arranged at the beach. People from all 50 states participate in it with their families and friends and the visitors count goes up to 250,000. Representatives from various different countries mark their presence as well. There are various fun activities arranged over the span of the last week of April in which not only Jeep owners but also vendors take part and showcase their newest Jeep models, parts, and accessories. The public-spirited event also raises funds for humanitarian causes and charities. The music, concerts, races, eateries, and whatnot, all are offered at this Jeep Beach event. To help you get the gist of the Jeep Beach event, we are sharing this video to help you imagine the fun activities better! 

And how could LFM not offer anything special during this time for all the Jeep enthusiasts? At LFM, you can redeem 12% at checkout on all orders via the Code WEEK12. But it is only valid during the last week of April. So go ahead and purchase your favorite items during this time!


Overall, Easter brings a time for togetherness, forgiveness, fun, and outings. To make the most of it, do the preparations ahead of time. During the celebrations, try to include activities that involve both adults and children or maybe go out together as a family during the Easter holidays. Lastly, after Easter is over, don’t let sadness prevail rather go on and enjoy the Jeep Beach event during the last week of April. Happy Easter and Happy Jeep Beach!

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