How to install turn signal lights & side marker lights on a jeep Wrangler JL JT

Trying to install the signal lights and side lights on your Wrangler JL JT Jeep? The most affordable and easy way is to do a DIY job. Following a systematic set of instructions mentioned in this article below will help you achieve the installation like a pro! Let us guide you through the process, read on to learn more!

Materials and Tools for the Task

The installation process requires some tools and materials needed to complete the job. Listed below are the things that you need for the task!

  1. New turn signal lights
  2. Side marker lights
  3. Wiring connectors
  4. A screwdriver
  5. Pliers
  6. Electrical tape
  7. A wire stripper
  8. Multimeter (to test the wiring)

Choosing high-grade materials and parts for your Wrangler JL JT jeep is necessary to ensure excellent functionality. These parts are specifically designed for your vehicle. You can acquire these parts from a reputable seller that is trusted among the community or famous for the quality and durability of products.

Uninstalling the Old Lights

To install the new lights, it is required to uninstall the old ones without damaging your jeep. Let us guide you through the steps needed to achieve the task!

Uninstalling the Old Lights
  • Start off by disconnecting the wiring of the lights from the connection going to the battery.
  • Make use of a screwdriver and pliers to unwind any screws or undo the clips that are holding the lights in place.
  • Be super cautious to not damage the exterior of the jeep with the screwdriver or pliers.
  • You may take precautions to avoid any damage. E.g. use a sheet to cover the surrounding area around the lights or you can even make use of a soft towel, etc
  • Always take out the screws in a sequence to remember their placements. The same is the case with the clips.
  • Once all the screws and clips are removed you now have to take out the light.

After taking out the light, you now need to move to the next step and that is installing the new signal lights and side marker lights.

By following these steps, you can safely and effectively remove the old lights and prepare for the installation of the new ones.

Wiring the New Lights

Connecting the new lights to the power source of your Wrangler might seem a bit tricky but it is not rocket science. Here is how you can perfectly wire the lights without causing any mishaps!


Wiring the New Lights
  • Check out the wiring in your jeep and also identify the wires that need to be connected from the new light to the connections of your jeep.
  • The efficient ways to wire the lights are by referring to the manual of the vehicle or getting a wiring diagram for the Wrangler JL JT jeep before starting the process.
  • Usually, the chassis of the jeep needs to be connected with the ground wire and the positive wire has to be connected to the corresponding wires in your jeep. Note: Do check the model of the vehicle beforehand to avoid any problems.
  • Use electrical tape to secure the wiring in place and help prevent any possible damage to the wiring. Electrical tape also keeps the wire secured and prevents it from getting loose.
  • You need to use a wire stripper to get rid of any extra insulation from the wires and guarantee a secure and successful connection.

How do you install the New Lights?

Installing the new turn signal lights and side marker lights is the final step in the process. Start by positioning the lights in place and securing them with screws or clips. Be sure to align the lights properly and make any necessary adjustments before tightening them down.

How do you install the New Lights

To ensure a secure installation that will last, we recommend double-checking the alignment and tightening the screws or clips firmly. You can also use a sealant or silicone to create a watertight seal around the lights and prevent any water from getting inside.

Testing the Lights

So far so good, good job at installing those lights. Now you need to test them. Here is how you can successfully check the lights and ensure that they are working perfectly!

  1. Start the vehicle and check each light individually. Light each of them one at a time and maintain a checklist of each light.
  2. Double-check that the turn lights are flashing perfectly and the side marker lights are also illuminating.
  3. If the lights are not operating correctly then there can be two reasons:
  • Problem with the wiring or connection.
  • The lights may have a fault or problem.
  1. You may use a multimeter to check the issue and identify any loose ends in the wiring.
  2. If you are still unable to identify the problem or solve the issue then it is better to consult an expert rather than experimenting and escalating the issue even more.

Some Pro tips to keep in mind

Here are some tips that can help you avoid major problems during the installation process and any other associated procedures. Let’s shed some light on them!

  • Always acquire the vehicle’s manual or wire diagram in advance to execute the process flawlessly.
  • Procure the right tools for the job e.g. pliers, screwdrivers, wire strippers, etc.
  • To prevent any electrical damage to the vehicle make sure to disconnect the battery.
  • Never try to hurry any process or do a speedy installation process. You might skip some crucial steps or connect the wires in the wrong sequence.
  • Get LED lights as they are more efficient in terms of power consumption and they are more long-lasting compared to incandescent bulbs.
  • If at any point, you are unsure of the installation process then it is better to seek professional help and avoid a greater loss.

Final Thoughts

Once you install turn signal lights & side marker lights on a jeep Wrangler JL JT, you have successfully enhanced the appearance, functionality, and road safety of the vehicle. By taking note of the guidelines mentioned in the article, you are ensuring that the precautions are taken to install the lights on your Wrangler JT JL jeep.

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