Jeep Planning On Several Special Editions To Mark End of JK Run
Jeep Planning On Several Special Editions To Mark End of JK Run

Photography By: FCA US 2017 Jeep Wrangler Sahara

So it looks like Jeep is not going to let its current Wrangler JK go quietly into that good night. According to multiple reports, the company plans to introduce at least six new limited edition 2017 JK models before the next-generation Wrangler JL premiers later next year.

The reports, based off dealer ordering information and first appearing in Automotive News, say Jeep will bring two new editions to market in December – the Wrangler ‘Sport Freedom’ and ‘Sahara Winter’. Other editions will follow next year all in the hopes of propping up JK sales that are currently slowing quite a bit for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

The patriotic ‘Sport Freedom’ edition will reportedly arrive with a ‘Freedom star’-decaled hood and rear fender decals, an American flag decal on the driver's side front fender, big 18-inch granite crystal wheels, as well as other badges.

The ‘Sahara Winter’ edition will focus more on the off-road crowd and come complete with rock rails, full LED lighting, a standard hard top, remote-start on the automatic transmission vehicles, and several other unique badges and decals.

Both Jeeps will be available in two- and four-door versions, according to the Automotive News report, and the production run for the Sahara Winter edition will stretch into the spring, while the Sport Freedom will end in February. Two-door Sport Freedoms will supposedly start at $30,690, with the Unlimited version arriving for $3,900 more. Meanwhile, the two-door Sahara Winter will reportedly start at $37,440, with four-doors costing $3,800 more.

Following these first two special editions, Jeep will then debut several others in early spring called the Sport Big Bear, Sahara Chief, Sahara Smoky Mountain, and Rubicon Recon. While there are currently no production notes regarding these models, Automotive News did indicate they would only be around for a few months – which would just about lead up to release of the next-generation JL.

Speaking of the Wrangler JL, the vehicle is supposedly hitting dealerships in late 2017 followed by its pickup version sometime in 2018. Jeep CEO Mike Manley has indicated the JK will stick around for about six months, following the JL launch, after which it will - in fact - fade away into that good night.

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