Why Choose Ford Bronco for your Next Off-Roading Expedition?

The Bronco made a comeback in the industry after a decade-long absence. But what a comeback! It is giving competition to its rival Jeep with all the new features it has introduced. In this blog, we will guide you as to why you should choose this beast for your next off-roading adventure and how you can make the most of your trip on Bronco by removing the rooftop and replacing Bronco doors with tough-style tube doors. Let’s keep reading to know more!

An Over-Landing Giant

With its reintroduction after a long time, there have been inquisitions by people about the capability of Bronco both off and on the road. While Bronco is an impressive vehicle to take off-road, it is exceptional on-road.

Despite off-roading being a favorite sport for many, driving on highways remains the most frequent activity. In situations like these, Ford Bronco has been designed very well as its modern design with a fancy and comfortable interior, voice-activated navigation system and infotainment systems make up for a great ride within the city and even for long distances on highways.

The 35-inch tires offer a great grip on the road while driving at high speeds. So overall, Bronco is a great vehicle to take on-road, highway, and urban roads despite being rolled out as an off-road vehicle.

An Over-Landing Giant


Off-Roading Beast

An SUV is actually aimed for off-roading, and the customers ask for off-roading capabilities first even if they don’t go for it. There are so many peculiarities in the new Bronco that it’s a great fit for off-roading and will offer good competition to its rivals. The throttle control, gearing system, locking differentials, and 4WD modes make Bronco a capable SUV. There are so many electronic controls that the driver would be at ease while driving this vehicle. We will highlight some of these features here.

Amazing Electronic Controls

Bronco’s electronic controls are so modern and apt for off-roading that you are thoroughly going to enjoy them. Let’s list them down one by one. 

Trail Control via which the cruise control takes over and helps you move over rough terrains easily. The speed increments at half miles per hour and the driver literally doesn’t have to press any pedals but only steer and the car keeps the speed steady itself and manages the throttle and brake itself. 

Trail One-Pedal Drive is another feature that allows you to both accelerate and brake with the same pedal. The vehicle accelerates when the pedal is pressed and slows down when it’s released. 

There is another one by the name Trail Turn Assist. As you can guess by the name, the driver is assisted in turning the Bronco. But the specialty lies in the fact that it helps you turn the wheel all around, which is especially useful in spaces narrow enough. 

Hill Start Assist is another significant feature by virtue of which the vehicle is prevented from rolling forward or backward when the vehicle is started on a hill. 

Other Advanced Controls

Some other great controls include automatic transmission and post-collision braking. What is great to note is that all the technologically advanced controls have been introduced in the new Bronco to help it make an amazing vehicle for both off-road and on-road. Some of these include Adaptive Cruise Control, Electronic Stability Control, Anti-Lock Braking System, and electronic locking of front and rear axles. 

How to Make the Most of Your Bronco While Off-roading

While Bronco is equipped with all the right accessories for a great off-roading trip, there are some actions you can take and some purchases you can make to fully utilize your 4-door Bronco.

Remove Rooftop

Remove Rooftop

The 4-door Bronco has a soft rooftop that can be removed or folded. This is such an appealing feature for off-roaders who want to enjoy open-air while driving. However, note that the 2-door Bronco comes with a hard top. Removing the rooftop will also remove the noise caused by it. You can enjoy a great outdoor experience while cruising through trails. Also, if you are taking a trip during summer, it can be a great idea to remove the rooftop to let the fresh air enter the vehicle and make for a great ventilation system. One disadvantage of doing so can be that you cannot install roof racks on your Bronco that help with carrying all the extra luggage. However, it is worth noting that Bronco has an extra space at the back of the rear seats where you can keep your luggage and enjoy a comfortable ride. You can even place an air mattress at the back and sleep inside your Ford Bronco anywhere and anytime. One question may arise, and that is how to remove the soft top. Watch the video below to get a grasp of it. 

Installing Tube Doors

Installing Tube Doors


If you are bound to keep the rooftop intact, you still can enjoy an outdoor experience while traveling on your Bronco and that’s by installing Bronco tube doors. There are numerous benefits of installing these. These Bronco doors provide protection compared to driving without doors; they also let you enjoy an open-air experience fully and help you maneuver over high obstacles easily by providing clearer sight. Though For Bronco offers remarkable departure and approach angles yet while passing over steep terrains with protruding obstacles it can be quite taxing to keep your vehicle safe from any scratches on the underbody. Moreover, the protection aspect of installing tough-style Bronco tube doors is very advantageous in cases where another vehicle hits your Bronco from the sides. In that case, these will save the passengers from a direct hit. Also, it protects you from falling off the vehicle by providing a wall between the inside and the outside. Lastly, while traversing through the wilderness, it is likely that you run into wild animals, in this case too you will be safe from the direct attack of these beasts. Overall, the benefits of installing these tough tube doors on your Bronco are too many for your next off-roading adventure. 

How to Remove Ford Bronco’s Doors?

One question that may pop up in your head is how to remove the factory doors first. For this, we are sharing this video to guide you visually about the removal of doors.  

In A Nutshell

All in all, the Ford Bronco is a great vehicle, both off-road and on-road. Bronco’s modern design and advanced controls make for a great driving experience. For off-roading purposes, the various electronic controls can help you navigate with ease through rough terrains. To make the most of your Ford Bronco, you can consider taking its soft top off or installing tough-style Bronco tube doors. Either way, you are going to enjoy an open-air ride without compromising on safety.

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