See the fitment chart below to find the correct LED headlight or fog light for your Cadillac model. If you can’t find a bulb for your model or have any questions, please submit a vehicle fitment form and we’ll try our best to find the right bulb type for you.

Cadillac Headlight Bulb Chart

Model Year Low Beam High Beam Fog Light Notes OEM LED
Cadillac ATS 2013 9006     X  
Cadillac CATERA 97-01 H7 H7 H3 X  
Cadillac CTS 02-05 9006 N/A H10 X  
Cadillac CTS 06-07 D1S * H10    
Cadillac CTS 08-13 H11 H9 H11 X D1S
Cadillac DEVILLE 00-04 9006 9005 880    
Cadillac DEVILLE & CONCOURS 94-99 9006 9005 N/A    
Cadillac DTS 08-11 D1S * N/A *  
Cadillac ELDORADO 92-02 9006 9005 N/A    
Cadillac ESCALADE 99-00 9006 9005 N/A    
Cadillac ESCALADE 2002 9006 9005 N/A    
Cadillac ESCALADE 03-06 N/A 9005 880    
Cadillac ESCALADE 07-09 D2R D2R H10    
Cadillac ESCALADE 10-13 D1S * H10    
Cadillac EXT 03-04 N/A 9005 N/A    
Cadillac SEVILLE & STS 92-99 9006 9005 N/A    
Cadillac SEVILLE & STS 00-07 9006 9005 H10    
Cadillac SRX 06-07 D1S N/A H10    
Cadillac SRX 08-09 N/A H7 H10 X D1S
Cadillac SRX 10-13 H11 9005 H10 X D1S
Cadillac STS 04-11 H11 9005 H3 X D1S
Cadillac STS-V 08-09 D1S 9005 H3    
Cadillac XLR 04-09 D1S D1S      
Cadillac XTS 2013       X D1S

Cadillac Fast Facts

Cadillac is General Motors’ premium automotive line, built and marketed to compete with Mercedes-Benz and BMW. The company was named after the French explorer who founded Detroit, Michigan in 1701, and his coat of arms serves as the company’s logo today.

From its earliest years, Cadillac was known for its precision engineering and stylish luxury finishes. It was named Motor Trend magazine’s very first “Car of the Year” in 1949 for its innovative overhead valve V8 engine. Cadillac was the first to incorporate an electrical system enabling starting, ignition, and lighting, and also the first to introduce an all-steel roof on a passenger car -- before that, car roofs had been made out of fabric-covered wood. Seriously.

Cadillac’s current vehicle lineup includes the ATS Coupe; ATS, CTS, XTS Sedans; SRX Crossover; and ESV Escalade. Want your Cadillac to be the best of the best? Consider upgrading to LED headlights for your luxury car today.