Commodity Inspection and Sign For

You can feedback your advice by “Service Supervision”, the problem that you submit will get a response within 24 hours. If you want to check, please log in and click on "My Account" and enter the upper left corner of the "Inbox".

1. LED Factory Mat has introduced self-service return process, please log in "Order Management" in accordance with the online instructions to proceed to operate in return.

If you have difficulties during operation self-return, you can call our service, customer service staff will assist you to complete the return, will offer the fastest proper solution for you. 

If LEDFactoryMart not accept your return application, please do not return the goods. We recommend that you choose LEDFactoryMart's designated courier companies, which will be more efficient to receive your returned merchandise. Our designated courier companies as follows:

DHL Service Hotline: 800-810-8000
EMS Service Hotline: 11185
Fedex Service Hotline: 800-988-1888

2. If you have doubts about the brand of goods which purchased in LED Factory Mart, please go to the business sector ask for product identification within 90 days after receive the goods, if the result is non-brand authentic identification, you can get full compensation for equivalent of the commodity from the LEDFactoryMart insurance company; in addition, please inform LEDFactoryMart.COM, we will escort you to conduct a comprehensive verification and research.

3. In the event of any dispute between the members and LEDFactoryMart, which can be solved based on the agreement or relevant laws identified by both sides.