See the fitment chart below to find the correct LED headlight or fog light for your Subaru model. If you can’t find a bulb for your model or have any questions, please submit a vehicle fitment form and we’ll try our best to find the right bulb type for you.

Subaru Headlight Bulb Chart

Model Year Low Beam High Beam Fog Light Notes OEM LED
Subaru BAJA 03-04 H1 9005 H3    
Subaru BRZ 2013 D4S   H16    
Subaru FORESTER 98-05 H4 * H3 *  
Subaru FORESTER 08-10 H1 9005 9006 X D2S
Subaru FORESTER 11-13 H11 9005 9006 X D2R
Subaru IMPREZA 93-01 H4 * H3 *  
Subaru IMPREZA 02-03 9007 * H3 *  
Subaru IMPREZA 04-05 H1 9005 H3    
Subaru IMPREZA 06-07 H7 9005 N/A    
Subaru IMPREZA (WRX) 08-11
H11 9005 9006
Subaru IMPREZA STI (WRX) 04-12 H11 9005 9006 D2R   
Subaru LEGACY 05-11
H7 9005 H3
Subaru LEGACY GT/LIMITED/OUTBACK 00-03 H1 9005 N/A    
Subaru LEGACY L 00-04 9007 * N/A *  
Subaru LEGACY/OUTBACK 92-99 H4 * H3 *  
Subaru OUTBACK 05-11
H7 9005 9006 or
Subaru SVX 92-97 9006 9005 H3    
Subaru B9 TRIBECA 06-07 H7 H9 H3    
Subaru TRIBECA 08-13 H7 9005 H3 X D1S
Subaru WRX 15-17 H11 9005 H16 (or H11 if equipped with eyesight package)     
Subaru WRX STI 15-17 LED 9005 H16 (or H11 if equipped with eyesight package)     
Subaru XV Crosstek 2013 H11 9005 H16   D2R

Subaru Fast Facts

Subaru is a Japanese automaker, named for the Japanese word for "The Seven Sisters” star cluster. The constellation was the inspiration for Subaru’s star logo, which also represents the companies that merged to create Subaru’s parent company. Subaru has one of the highest repurchase loyalty ratings in the U.S. market due to their durability, reliability, traction, and "active safety" features. The Subaru product line includes the Impreza, WRX, STI, BRZ, Legacy, Outback, Forester, and Tribeca.

Interested in going green? Most of the materials Subaru currently uses in their vehicles are 97.3% recyclable at the end of their cars’ lifespan. Nothing from their manufacturing process at their plant in Lafayette, Indiana goes into a landfill. Did you know LED headlights produce more light power with less energy? Get a LED conversion kit for your Subaru from LED Factory Mart today!