Dual Use LED Headlight Fog Lamp 12W White (6000k)/ Yellow (3000K)

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Warranty: 12 Months

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Availability: In stock
LED bubble standard: H4 H8 H11 dual use
Luminescent Color: White 6000K , Yellow 3000K 
Power consumption: 12 W (one side)
Total luminous flux: (Hi: 960 LM / Lo: 800 LM), 960 LM (one side) 
Applicable voltage: DC12V ~ 24V
Lifetime: over 30000 hours
Set contents: 2 LED headlights
Waterproof standard: IP65
Warranty period: 1 year

In case

■ Since it emits very strong light, please be careful not to look directly at the time of installation.
■ This product does not have a memory function. Once you turn off the engine, it will turn white when it lights next.
■ When we install products · For direct or indirect damage after installation, we will not take any responsibility.
■ Please go through the installation at your own risk. We recommend you to install with a specialist

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