Protection Status

SKU:  SP-CL131

T10 T15 T16 dual use LED back lamp CSP chip LED Indicator Light Bulbs

Key Features:
  • Easy to install, direct replacement, no wiring needed
  • It emits a strong, cool color and brighter than the stock bulb
  • Immediate response on/off and it is vibration resistant
  • 9 high brightness CSP LED chips
  • 1100 LM total light flux each bulb

● Waterproof processed, packing specification
Because we strongly tighten the gold mouth with synthetic reinforced rubber, we are thoroughly waterproof measures as well.
● Back lamp first radiation type aluminum heat sink
By installing a radiation type aluminum heat sink, it enabled rapid heat dissipation, preventing deterioration and damage of the LED chip due to heat.
● Constant current circuit ensures steady lighting without being affected by sudden change in vehicle voltage. It can be used safely in hybrid vehicles.
● Built-in canceller, compatible with imported cars
In case
please note
Please note the installation space ※. Space is required for bulb, heat sink part at the rear compared with halogen bulb. Please check not only the shape of the cap but also the back space of the actual car.
※ When lighting, the lamp body and the heat sink part become very hot. Do not use vehicles that are extremely close to the position of the LED and the lens, as there is a danger that the lens and housing will be deformed.
* Since it is a risk of burns and breakage, installation and removal immediately after turning off should be avoided.
※ This item is precise, and we are making it delicately, please be careful handling.
* When installing, grasp the heat sink part and do installation without putting force on the light emitting part.

Package Includes:
2x LED Indicator Lights