11 Outdoor Activities While Camping With Your Jeep Gladiator Tent In the Mountains

Camping in the mountains has many benefits compared to other places, these being seclusion, hilly areas, fresh air, etc. If you plan on camping with your jeep gladiator tent in the middle of mountainous regions, we present you with a list of outdoor activities that you can choose from. Read on to know these thrilling options!


Hiking: On many camping sites in mountains, there are hiking trails that you can walk on to reach a particular spot all the while taking rests along the way. Hiking is a fun activity that involves long walks in mountains.

Mountain Climbing: Mountain climbing is an amazing activity that you can do while camping in the mountains. Reaching the top of the peak gives an amazing kind of pleasure to the climbers. Also, the view from the peak is a remarkable one.

Parachuting: It involves jumping off a small-sized aircraft at a high altitude with a parachute on your back. The jump gives you the sensational experience of floating in the airway above earth all the while enjoying a beautiful mountainous landscape from an altitude.

Hot-air ballooning: An amazing experience of its kind to enjoy views from the air, just like parachuting. But it’s more stable and calmly gives you a ride in the air.

Trekking: Trekking is a little more difficult than hiking as it is longer and involves rough paths as well. It is done on foot and for a longer duration. But for people in love with trekking, this is a great outdoor activity.

Horse-Trekking: You may not be a fan of trekking on foot and hence to save yourself from the exhaustion of long and difficult walks, opt for horse trekking. You will ride a horse on your trek and will enjoy the scenes along your journey.

Rafting: All the adventure-seeking individuals will love it. It involves sailing through a water stream that is running at a high speed. But you have to be extra cautious while doing it, there are professional instructors and safety gear to keep you safe.

Caving: If you are someone who loves digging secret spots, caving is for you. A natural cave will open up a small secluded world for you to be awed by.

Mountain biking: Without any doubt, mountain biking is an adventure-filled fast-paced activity that’s bound to excite bikers. Going up hilly areas on your bike and coming down by gravity is an amazing thing to experience.

Canyoning: It is one of the best and most enriching outdoor sports that involves moving through canyons present within mountains. Canyons are steep narrow valleys with cliffs on sides. Canyoning may entail climbing, sliding, and jumping, but please be safe during your canyoning venture.


Cycling: A simple and basic activity to do but safer yet adventuresome. Do it in groups and you are bound to have more fun and lasting memories. Happy adventure-filled camping!


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