Amazing Outdoor Activities You Can Plan with Your Jeep

Though Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Gladiator both are great on urban roads, what they are truly destined for includes over-landing and off-roading activities. However, the world of off-roading is gigantic. You can plan numerous activities while off-roading with your Jeep Wrangler or Gladiator. Even for people well-versed in off-roading, this article is going to shed some light on how to plan amazing outdoor activities with your Jeep. For the people recently joining the world of off-roading, hold your breath because this article is going to make you much more excited for your next adventurous expedition. With the simple addition of Jeep roof racks, you can carry out so many fun activities with the right equipment. Read on to know more!

Camping: One of the most famous outdoor activities for jeep enthusiasts is to camp with their jeep on campsites or even in woods and isolated places. It is a very cool idea to do so with your loved ones. It brings people out of their digital world and helps them connect with nature most appropriately. Even people with disturbed sleep cycles can camp at a campsite and get their natural clock synchronized again. Camping is also a great way to bond with your family or friends without any disturbance of the real world we belong to. Having discussed the significance of camping, your Wrangler or Gladiator can help make your stay more comfortable. People who are more conscious of safety and do not have space constraints can use their jeep for sleeping inside it using sleeping pads. However, for those who wish to set up a proper camp, you have two options, either to set up your tent on the rear bed of your Gladiator or outside of your Jeep as a tailgate tent with shade awnings. 

Jeep Tent

Desert Safari:

 Desert Safari

Another adventurous activity can be taking a trip to the desert with your Jeep. It is a well-established fact that Jeeps are designed to travel with ease on difficult terrains, be it ice or sand. If the idea seems alien to you, think about rashly diving over red dunes of sand and witnessing wild animals around. You can take great photographs of this unique trip, can watch the sunset, arrange for a barbeque dinner, sing some folk songs, and camp in the desert to experience the odd chilly nights of a desert. However, please note that it is difficult to walk on the sand and even drive on it, so your vehicle might get stuck in it. For this, you might need traction boards as they will come in handy and help you get out of the pile of sand since another towing vehicle might not help you in this condition for the same reason that it may get itself stuck in the sand. So traction boards offer great value for money, aren’t an expensive accessory, and will make your desert safari hassle-free. 

To get a gist of what a desert safari might look like, watch this video


Water Sports:

Jeep Roof Rack Cross Bar


If you are a fan of water sports, your Jeep vehicle will help you do it. You are wondering how? Let us explain, water sports include boating, canoeing, or kayaking in water streams. Your Jeep vehicle can be modified to carry these amazing types of equipment with ease to your excursion spot. For this, you will need to install roof racks, which will provide the right space and safety to carry these oversized gear on the roof of your Jeep Wrangler or Gladiator. They come with durable bars with which the equipment can be fastened tightly and you can move towards your destination without worries. You can also carry any additional luggage using these racks and will not have to worry about space constraints or the safety of the passengers with heavy equipment inside the cabin. There are two types of roof accessories to support additional luggage on the roof and they are roof racks and roof rails. The purpose of both is primarily the same, however, roof rails are better suited for carrying gigantic equipment while racks are suited for all kinds of luggage and equipment. 

Watch this video to learn how to fasten a canoe on your Jeep’s roof. 



Jeeps are suited for all kinds of terrains, however, while climbing on mountains they are at their very best. With rocky patches and uneven pathways, you sure are traveling on a great vehicle to move past these with comfort and ease. You can plan on climbing steep hills or mountains using your Jeep. The experience will be exhilarating. Once you reach your desired location, you can set up a tent and stay a night or two in the mountains and enjoy the view of starry nights as well. The view is going to be spectacular, the atmosphere clean and the serenity will make you long to live forever in the mountains. You can do hiking with your loved ones or do mountain biking as well. You can even do bicycling on the slopes. Some people love taking their electric bikes on mountains to assist them accelerate while moving uphill. If the idea seems interesting to you, you can also take along your bike or bicycle. Don’t worry about space limitations because, with the installation of hardtop roof racks, you are all good to fasten the bike on it and gear towards the mountains. 

In a Nut-Shell

For Jeep enthusiasts, outdoor trips have been the greatest draw to owning a Jeep. While outdoor activities are such a broad area, you might be running out of ideas as to what to do uniquely on your next trip. This article highlighted some remarkable outdoor activities to plan with your loved ones. It is important to note that most of these excursions require you to customize your vehicle a little to take along that additional equipment. Roof racks can be a great investment and help you take all kinds of sports gear on your trips to mountains, deserts, and beaches. We hope after reading this article you are thrilled to make your next trip soon!
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