Upgrade Your Ford Bronco with These Essential Aftermarket Accessories


The Ford Bronco has caught the attention of SUV owners after its relaunch in 2020. The spectacular looks, modern design, and off-roading capabilities have made it a competent vehicle for off-roading. Undoubtedly, Ford Bronco’s comeback has taken everyone by surprise. Though Bronco’s factory parts are very well-suited for all kinds of drives, be it within the city or on rough terrains, it is still desirable for off-roading enthusiasts to add some aftermarket accessories to make their adventuresome journey somewhat safer. We are going to give you some recommendations regarding these Bronco parts, so stay hooked!

Lights for Off-roading

Any off-road trails may entail moving in confined spaces during dark hours with a lot of dirt and debris on the way. Hence, it is highly recommended to add additional lights near the headlights of your Ford Bronco to help you move easily on unfamiliar dimly-lit tracks. These lights will also help you spot obstacles from a distance and help you to be well-prepared beforehand. Often these aftermarket lights come as a package that includes Daytime Running Lights as well as turn signal lights. This not only enhances the overall looks of your Bronco but also makes your traveling experience safer at night times. These lights not only enable you to drive safely but also let other drivers aware of your vehicle’s presence because of their bright illumination. One such package is offered by LFM, the details of which you can check here

Tires for Every Terrain

Though Ford has manufactured Bronco with the right off-roading accessories including the tires with their 35-inch outer diameter, however, when moving on uneven rocky surfaces, the owner might have a desire to upgrade the factory tires with aftermarket ones. This upgrade enhances the capability of the Bronco to approach and depart from big obstacles with ease. Not every off-roader might encounter a situation like this, but, if there are possibilities one should always be prepared. You can explore the BFGoodrich website for amazing durable options for all kinds of terrains. 

Skid Plates for Undercarriage Protection

While navigating on unacquainted trails, you are likely to get your Bronco’s underbody damaged. All Ford Bronco trims don’t come with skid plates except for the Diamond Bronco-Sport. However, the fuel tank is provided with a skid plate underneath it to save it from any accidental damage. Hence, people traversing rough terrains on their Bronco should consider installing these plates to keep their vehicle’s undercarriage safe from scratches, scrapes, and debris. You can check out Extreme Terrain’s or RCI Off Road’s website to explore your options as they have a wide variety to offer. 

Check out this skid plates installation video to help you with the process

Tail Lights for Greater Safety

While all Bronco’s latest models come with LED lights, their performance however is not as good as their aftermarket counterparts. The post-market tail lights come as a whole assembly and offer reverse, brake, turn signal and even running lights with brighter illumination and better efficiency. This not only enhances your vehicle’s overall appearance but also ensures that you are spotted by the succeeding drivers from a far-off distance. Consider upgrading the tail lights assembly of your Ford Bronco both 2-door and 4-door with the ones by LFM that are high in quality, brightness, and durability. One amazing upgrade can be installing LED lights on the spare tire as the third brake light. This can further alert the drivers following your vehicle. Since it is mounted in the middle of your Bronco’s rear side, these lights catch the attention easily and improve the safety of the passengers effectively. 

Running Boards For Easy Boarding

They are often referred to as stirrups, step plates, or rock sliders. In situations where the elderly or kids are accompanying you on your off-roading trips, it is best to install these step plates as it makes it easier for them to both ascend and descend the Bronco. We are not implying by this that it is difficult to get into or off your Bronco without these side steps, but these stirrups do provide a little more ease to get into or out of your vehicle. One important advantage of installing these step plates is that they help you access the equipment placed on the roof racks comfortably. Of course, the enhanced aesthetics are an added advantage. Check out some amazing stirrup options here

Inflatable Air Mattress for a Comfortable Stay

The aftermath of gearing your Bronco into the wilderness is that you do need a good place to rest or sleep while on your vacation. It’s hard to find rest houses in isolated camping places, hence it is great to carry your equipment along. Though you can set up a camping tent, safety concerns may stop you from doing so. The best option will be to use an inflatable air mattress that can be placed at the back of your Bronco and you can sleep without worries inside the cabin of your Bronco. One more benefit of this is that during the winter season, it is not practical to sleep in a tent. Such air mattresses come with an electric pump and hence can be inflated or deflated rather quickly and can be carried easily as a medium-sized package. Check the air mattress by LFM here which is specially made to fit a Bronco. 

You can watch this video to know how to inflate or deflate an air mattress with an in-built electric pump

3D LED Illuminated Letters Badge for Class

We saved the best for the last because Bronco owners will be thrilled to have it installed on their Broncos. These letters add even more class to the overall classy looks of your Ford Bronco. For people looking to customize their vehicle and add a personal touch to it, this can be their ultimate stop. The illuminated letters can easily make the heads turn of people passing by, be it in a parking lot, on roads within the city, or on off-roading trails. This LED badge by LFM offers a unique choice to replace the letter R with a red illuminated X. Do note, however, that this is manufactured for only 2 and 4-door Bronco and not Bronco Sport. 

In Conclusion

All in all, Ford Bronco is a great ride to take both on-road and off-road. While commuting within the city may not require any modifications, off-roading requires you to be prepared for all kinds of unforeseen circumstances. In this article, we suggested you bring some off-road upgrades into your Ford Bronco to make your abode far from home easier and a little more homely. Happy off-roading!

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