Enhance the Safety and Style Together of Your Toyota 4Runner with these LED Lights

While giving attention to upgrading the main headlights of our Toyota 4Runner, we often neglect the fact that small lights make all the difference while keeping you safe during an untoward situation. However small but the lights indicating a turn signal are crucially important for you and your vehicle’s safety on road. These lights include the turn signal lights on the front and the side mirror turn signal lights. With the remarkable aftermarket design of these lights, style also gets added. Read on to not miss the details we have gathered for you here.

On blind turns and even on heavy traffic roads, the indication lights while you are taking a turn play a vital role in alerting the vehicles surrounding yours. The stock lights often fade out with time or get burnt out or their brightness may not be much high to catch the eyes of the following drivers. In that case, you shouldn’t hold back from installing newer and brighter LED bulbs as turn signal lights. In this article, we got you covered with two types of these LED lights for your 4Runner, first main turn signal lights and another side mirror turn signal lights.

4Runner fog lights

DRL/ Turn Signal Lights for Toyota 4Runner: These lights mostly come with two colors, white for Daytime Running Lights and amber for turn signals, both of which help in making you maneuver safely on road, staying clear of accidents because of the extra brightness the aftermarket LED lights bring with them. The turn signal lights turn on in a continuous dynamic pattern to make them more prominent. One concern for 4Runner owners is usually related to the durability and water resistance of the lights. With a high Ingress Protection rating e.g. IP 67, the lights are sealed properly and you can rest assured that no moisture is going to get trapped inside the lights because of rainfall exposure or any car washes you have had recently. Also, make sure the lights you choose are placed inside a good quality housing material such as ABS plastic so as to ensure no scratches damage the lights. With all these checks, you are sure to choose amazing LED lights for your 4Runner truck. One such choice will be from LED factory Mart, check it out for yourself here

4Runner side mirror lights

Side Mirror Turn Signal Lights for 4Runner: Side Mirror turn signal lights bring additional safety to your truck by clearly indicating any turns that your vehicle makes on road. These lights should also adhere to all the quality standards that a normal DRL/ turn signal lights should possess such as anti-scratch properties of the housing and properly sealed to endure conditions involving water exposure. The aftermarket side mirror turn signal lights often light up in a dynamic pattern communicating the turn movements of your truck quite visibly. You can check this product by LFM that ticks all these criteria here!

Overall, long-lasting turn signal LED lights are an investment worth making for the enhanced safety of your 4Runner on road, style comes complementarily! 


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