Jeep-o-Ween This Halloween with Your Truck-or-Treat

Halloween is around the corner where majority of public wants to make the most out of it. Some prefer staying inside their homes, while others like to visit their friends along with children. If you are looking for a suggestion to carry out some particularly unique activity, we got you covered. If you own the 2022 Toyota Tacoma or even previous models, why not hit the road this year with your close family and friends and spend a memorable Halloween? However, steer clear of any untoward incident by being extra prepared for your journey. 

For enjoying an eerie Halloween, you can drive into wilderness with your loved ones and have an incredibly different yet very amusing ‘trick-or-treat’. Make a note of taking along the accessories that can help make your stay even more fun filled. We can suggest some items based on Halloween theme such as scary face masks and costumes, face paints, candies for trick-or-treat activity, some horror movies to watch, some Halloween music collection and carved pumpkins to give you the feel of Halloween away from home. All of this in addition to all the regular stuff you need when going off-road of course.


What we must mention here is that though you will be travelling on your Tacoma which is one rugged and tough vehicle, however, you should take into consideration all the safety aspects when embarking upon this journey. The preparation should involve checking that the vehicle works perfectly fine. Steer clear of area that might seem shady at this time of the year as most people won’t be heading into woods or wilderness. One important piece of advice will be to upgrade your Tacoma stock halogen lamps with LED lights as they mostly reach their lifetime quite early. Hence, this upgradation is a requirement for you to enjoy a safe and sound journey as LED lights offer better illumination, longer life and better efficiency.


The recommendation we have for you is that of dual color switchable LED headlights for 2016 to later Toyota Tacoma models by LED Factory Mart. These lights are truly Tacoma beast LED lights with regard to their high quality. These offer excellent heat dissipation properties and adjustment flexibility allowing you to project LED lights more appropriately on the pathway ahead. These lights come with color switching properties i.e. you have the option to choose from yellow and white lights. The plug and play mode of installation makes the process of upgrading super smooth and easy. To boost your confidence in making the purchase, these lights come with one year warranty. If you want to make your purchase, head on to this link:

We sincerely hope that this Halloween, your 2022 Toyota Tacoma or older models with the Tacoma beast LED lights will make your time the most memorable and spooky one (in a lighter way) with all the laughter and fun with your loved ones. Happy Halloween!

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