Enhanced Safety of Your Vehicle with Side Mirror Marker Lights

What are Side Marker Lights?

Side Marker lights are the lights installed on the sides of your vehicle to help other drivers on road to identify your car with ease. These lights are essential while driving at night or even during harsh weather conditions such as fog, rain or snow because of the reduced visibility. These lights allow other drivers to be aware of the width of your vehicle and is a great safety asset for you on road. These corner lights are also used in conjunction with the turn signal lights. This not only brings additional safety but also improves the appearance of your jeep or car. Their placement is either on the hood of the vehicle near the headlights or can even be installed in the side mirrors. In some places of the world, it is illegal to drive without these side marker lights after dark and also in bad weather. Even in congested or high-traffic areas, it is advised to turn on these lights to avoid any collisions or untoward accidents.  

Important Features of Side Marker or Corner Lights

Important Features of Side Marker or Corner Lights

For better safety and visibility, upgrading side mirror turn signal lights with the new LED ones will make your driving experience safer as LED lights are far brighter than the factory halogen lamps. Moreover, the housing should be made with a material strong enough to withstand rough weather conditions. These lights by LED Factory Mart are made with PC smoked lens and ABS housing. Also, the high ingress protection rating allows for the lights to remain safe from any moisture entering the lights because of rain or car washes. These LED corner lights have a long life and can usually last a lifetime with their working hours being more than 50,000 hours.

The most outstanding characteristic is that the side mirror turn signal lights by LFM are sequential dynamic lights which means the illumination scrolls from the center toward the outer side. Hence not only making the vehicle stylish but also allowing other drivers to identify your vehicle’s turning. Lastly, the replacement or upgradation is not much time-consuming, rather it’s a simple plug-and-play process requiring simple tools. You can even carry it out by yourself. So don’t hold yourself back thinking it’s a tedious process when IT IS CLEARLY VERY SIMPLE! Whether you have Toyota Tacoma, 4Runner, or Highlander, LFM provides these corner lamps for a variety of vehicles. Make sure you check the fitment details before placing your order. With some products, you can even get a free plastic crowbar to help you remove the top-shell of the lights easily. Here is the link for the 2016-Later Toyota Tacoma side mirror turn signal lights by LFM. 

Important Features of Side Marker or Corner Lights

Final Thought

Don’t delay upgrading these side marker lights as these will bring added safety, style and visibility to your jeep. With an easy DIY you can even carry out the replacement yourself. So don’t shy away and purchase these efficient and life-saving lights today!


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