Renew your Jeep’s Lighting this Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, hold your breath for all the amazing deals and discounts that you can avail to upgrade your Jeep parts and accessories. The renewal of your Jeep’s lighting system may also be pending so read on with us to know about some exciting LED lighting packages that can bring to your vehicle efficiency, modern design, amazing illumination and an enhanced appearance. We are going to guide you through the LED Light combos that will bring along the transformation your Jeep needs!

Jeep Christmas

When we say light combos, the light packages include several types of LED lights for your jeep be it headlights, fog lights, fender lights, side markers or back/ tail lights. Here are a few suggestions for you to pick from.

1. Front LED Turn Signal and Side Marker Lights Combo

When on road, being visible is the key to being safe from accidents and crashes. As much as your vision should be clear, your vehicle should also be able to be spotted by other drivers on road. This need heightens when your vehicle is taking turns. Indication of it i.e. the turn signal lights play a pivotal role in this scenario. LFM offers a remarkable set of LED jeep turn signal and LED side marker lights that improve your identifiability on road, provide you with better illuminating, efficient and long lasting LED lights. The turn signal lights have white colored DRL and turn amber sequentially during turns while the side marker lights are corner lights that are amber colored only. Even the design is outstanding, do check it out here:

Jeep turn signal lights and side maker lights

2. 5-in1 Combo: LED Headlights, Fog Lamps, Front Turn Signals, Fender Turn Signals & Tail Lights

While the initial cost of upgrading the factory halogen lamps with the LED lights can be a little high but it pays back in the long run. Hence, these multifunction LED lights combo meets all your basic lighting requirements for your jeep. The package includes LED headlights that are white in color and ca be used as DRL and low and high beam lights. The combo also includes LED fog lights to help you drive through challenging weather conditions as well. The front turn signal and fender lights are amber colored and help your vehicle be easily identified on road. The tail lights light up red while braking, running and turning and turn white only while reversing. It’s a perfect all-in-one package that meets all your lighting needs. Here is the link to the product:

Jeep headlights

3. Color Changing RGB LED Headlights with Amber Turn Signals plus Fog Lights Kit

Our last recommendation is mainly for those jeep enthusiasts who want their jeep to look vivid this Christmas. You would be surprised to note that lights can bring such color variety, dynamic modes and music synchronizing characteristics to your jeep. This kit includes Bluetooth controlled RGB LED headlights and fog lights. The brightness, light color, flashing and music mode can all be adjusted via a simple app. Moreover, this combo features amber turn signals that enhance your safety on road. On the whole, this combo can bring both colors and safety to your jeep world. Check further details here:

Jeep RGB headlights

In summary, we have brought to you some LED light combinations that you can add to your purchase list for your jeep. Happy Christmas!

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