How do you Install LED Tail Lights on a Toyota 4Runner?

Toyota 4Runner is undoubtedly a very rugged-looking truck that the owner wishes to keep in top-notch condition. But what if the tail lights of your Toyota 4Runner are worn out, damaged, or need an update? You don’t have to worry about the taxing process as we will guide you through it in this blog! Read and follow the steps mentioned and you will be well-equipped to take on the task yourself. Make sure the vehicle is parked and the ignition is turned off before you proceed.

Do you only want to replace the bulbs of the tail lights (reverse/turn signal lights)?

If you wish to only replace the bulbs of the reverse lights or turn signal lights, all you have to do is follow these steps. Firstly, locate the access panel at the rear end of the vehicle on the internal side as shown in the image. There are two such boxes on either side of the truck i.e. the passenger side and the driver’s side. The process for both is the same. At the bottom side there is a notch available to pull open the cover. You can use a flathead screwdriver to open the panel cover. There are two sockets within the panel: the bottom one for the reverse light and the upper one for the turn signal light. To take either of these out, rotate the socket in a counterclockwise direction about a quarter of a turn. Now you can access the bulb, which can be pulled straight out. Replace the bulb and push the new bulb into the socket. Now plug back the socket and rotate it in the clockwise direction.

Or do you want to replace the whole tail lights assembly?

If this is your requirement, you need to loosen two 10 millimeters nuts located inside the access panel at the top and bottom sides. You will need a deep socket to loosen these two nuts. Moreover, there is a connector in the middle of the access panel, unplug it by pressing a tab on it. Now you are ready to pull the whole tail light assembly out. Move towards the external side of the vehicle facing the tail lights and pull the assembly towards yourself by wiggling it. After replacing the assembly, you will have to reverse the whole procedure to insert the assembly back into its place. You should take note of three metal guides present on the assembly that should align well with their respective places onto the truck’s body. Push it inside a little and the assembly will fit right back in. Now connect the middle connector back again and also insert and tighten the two nuts. As the last step, place the access panel cover back onto its place. You are done with it! Congratulations!

We hope this article proves to be helpful during the tail lights replacement or installation process on your Toyota 4Runner truck. Given that you pay attention to all the minute details mentioned herein, you are sure to do this all by yourself successfully!


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