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With Thanksgiving fast approaching and the wintery weather conditions, you might be thinking to purchase a car cover. Car covers are an absolute necessity when it comes to keeping your jeep protected from harsh weather conditions and natural elements such as dust, dirt, wind, water, leaves sap, snow, etc. Not just this, but scratches and slight brushes also pose threats towards jeep’s impeccable paint and body. So, in this article we are going to guide you about two types of car covers available in the market for your Jeep, be it Wrangler or Gladiator, and these are full car cover and cab cover. Each has its own benefits and is manufactured to suit your needs.

Most jeep enthusiasts take off the hard or soft top of their Jeep Wrangler or Gladiator during summers to enjoy a breezy open air driving experience. They happen to take off-road voyages every now and then. The hassle of taking off and installing back the top of the jeep can be very taxing and overwhelming. To escape this scenario, it will be very appropriate to install a cab cover instead. This kind of cover only fits the cab part of the jeep and is usually useful for indoor parking. Additionally, it will be a great shield during winters when you are no more driving your vehicle. 

Gladiator JT Car Cover

The major advantage of a Jeep Gladiator/ Jeep Wrangler cab cover is that it protects the interiors from getting damaged because of the weather conditions and natural elements. Hence, providing adequate protection against dusty winds and watery rainfalls. It also lets your jeep to remain cool under scorching sun because of the different layers of cloth used in its material. Also the shiny or grey colored fabric allows the UV sunlight to be reflected back to the atmosphere rather than being absorbed inside. This moderates the temperature of your jeep’s insides. The cotton layer on the inside helps prevent your vehicle’s paint from blistering. These covers come with ropes and hooks to fasten the cover tightly with the wipers aiding towards a tighter grip. You can check out one for each Gladiator and Wrangler by LED Factory Mart here:

Jeep Wrangler JL Car Cover

The other suggestion we have is for a Jeep Wrangler cover that fully drapes over the vehicle’s body. It is more appropriate for scenarios wherein you are parking your jeep outdoors with harsh or extreme weather conditions. The elements such as dust or snow can build up even on the hood or the scratches can be too damage causing. Hence, it is very right of you to opt for a cover that not only protects from such elements but can also keep your vehicle in good condition safe from accidental bumps or scratches. Also, these full covers are designed to be rugged and fasten tightly even if it’s too windy. These come with all the right straps and hooks to keep the cover in place. 

Jeep Wrangler Full Car Cover

Cherry on top, both these covers come with a reflective strip to enhance visibility of your parked vehicle at night.

All in all, we suggest this Thanksgiving a car cover will be an investment worth making and a great way to show gratitude for your bigger possession i.e. your Jeep. 

Jeep Wrangler Full Car Cover

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