Upgrade your 4Runner with This Black Friday Cyber Monday

With Black Friday around the corner, most people are in wait of amazing discounts and deals to make their purchases. If you are a 4Runner owner and waiting for Black Friday Cyber Monday, we have got something remarkable for you. In this blog, we are going to fully guide you regarding 4Runner LED lights upgradation including the most important lights to replace and the benefits of doing so. Go ahead and give it a read!

The three recommendations we have for you in here are the most important ones for your 4Runner. The first one is easily guessable i.e. 4Runner LED headlights. The second one is LED tail lights and the last one is the front grille and raptor LED lights. There is no doubt LED lights are brighter, have a long life and offer quite a versatility, hence upgrading the factory halogen lamps with LED lights will be a wise decision on your part. 

1.LED Headlights

Undoubtedly, 4Runner LED headlights make up for the most important lights replacement because of its function on-road and off-road as well as because of the multiple functions it offers, for instance Day Running Lights (DRL) usually white in color, turn signal lights (amber colored often) and High and Low beam lights to suit your needs. It is important that you realize the significance this choice holds for your 4Runner. Along with safety, the choice also decides the style for your vehicle. By upgrading to LED headlights, you are making your vehicle safer while driving and also adding to its looks. Shark Teeth Style LED Headlight for 4Runner by LED Factory Mart is a great choice, click on to know more:

4Runner headlights

2.Front Grille and Raptor Lights Combo

For people looking to make modifications to the front of their 4Runner for the purpose of accentuating their vehicle’s looks, this suggestion is a great one. You will be upgrading the factory grilles with the aftermarket grilles that are stylish enough to make your vehicle stand out in parking lots and on camping sites with an added advantage of improved safety and visibility. These grilles come with amber colored 4Runner raptor lights that light up the front grilles and totally take the onlookers by surprise. Here is a product by LED Factory Mart that offers the perfect combo:

raptor lights

3.4-in-1 LED Tail Lights

Replacing the factory tail lights with modern 4Runner LED tail lights is a go-go for most 4Runner owners because of the various functions it can provide within a single package, i.e. turn signal lights, brake lights, reverse lights and parking lights. The smoked lens doesn’t blind the driver succeeding you on road and also enhances visibility off-road. The one by LFM even offers sequential turn signal lights providing a clearer indication. Check out further details here:

4Runner tail lights

Overall, upgrading the stock lights with LED lights on your 4Runner will enhance your driving experience a lot and will even be viewed as desirable by the watchers. So, have a great time shopping this Black Friday Cyber Monday for your 4Runner LED lights. 

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