Style Your Jeep with These 3 Amazing Ambient Lights

Off-roading with your jeep is a thrilling experience to venture upon. A jeep enthusiast is mostly on the lookout for additional accessories to take the overlanding game to another level. For the adventuresome journey, the add-ons you can make use of include funky ambient lights that not only illuminate the pathway but dazzle the onlookers as well. Moreover, you can enjoy the music cadence fully with the synchronized lighting rhythm. We are going to give you a few options in this blog to choose from for your upcoming journey.

Z-Style LED RGB Rock Lights


Z-Style LED RGB Rock Lights: This electrifying style of LED lights surely brings energy to your off-road escapade. These rock lights cast colorful z-shaped lights down on the floor. They come with preset static RGB colors and patterns that can be chosen with the tap of your finger on a Bluetooth-controlled App. There are options to adjust the speed, brightness, and flashing speed. Hence, these are highly customizable and capture the attention of the crowd. Not just appearance-wise, these lights are good quality-wise too because of the fact that the PC lens is hard coated to withstand external elements such as sand, dust, and dirt. They are long-lasting and highly durable. You can also use these for other purposes such as backup reverse lights and DRL. Check these by LFM here.

Diamond-shaped Multi-Color LED Rock Lights


Diamond-shaped Multi-Color LED Rock Lights: This is another off-road ambient light option for your jeep. Because of their small size, they can be installed anywhere on the jeep and hence can serve as backup reverse lights, Daytime Running Lights (DRL), and of course off-road rock lights. These lights come with Bluetooth controllability via an App and hence provide dynamic characteristics such as timing function and music mode. Above all, you can choose from 16 million colors. You don’t have to worry about these lights wearing out as the lens is hard-coated to save it from any external agents. Get a peek at these lights by LFM here

8 Color LED Underbody Strip Lights


8 Color LED Underbody Strip Lights: These are simple LED chip lights but enhance the ambiance of the jeep profoundly. These come in strips and are installed on the underbody. With a variety of colors, to be specific 8 colors such as red, blue, white, orange, yellow, green, cyan, and purple, to choose from and preset jump and fading patterns, these lights bring life to your otherwise dull trip into the wilderness. They also offer sound active modes in which LED lights change according to sound. They come with adhesive tape and hence are super easy to install. Check out further details here

All in all, enhancing the ambiance of your jeep by installing ambient lights such as strip or rock lights can make your off-road journey full of colors, thrill, and excitement. After bringing about this change, you are definitely going to be extremely happy with the results.  

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