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One of the most prominent features of a Toyota Tacoma is its front grilles. Undoubtedly, the first thing that gets noticed is your Toyota Tacoma grille. So, if you are a Tacoma owner and pondering over replacing your grilles but you do not have the knowledge to try it out, read this blog. I will be more than happy to share my entire experience of replacing Tacoma Grille.  

Most people don’t move towards grille upgradation or replacement because of the anticipation of getting stuck in the middle way. It’s the fears that keep them from getting the newer design and high strength grilles. Let’s leave behind all your worries and try this out. In reality, you are going to be happy about making this leap of faith and welcome the change in your truck after the whole process. 

So, the method to replace the grilles involves three steps: readying the new grille, removing the old grilles and installing the new ones. The first step involves putting the Toyota letters part onto the new grille which involves putting in four screws. This is the easiest step of all. 

3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma

The next step is a little time-consuming but every ounce is worth it. To detach the stock grille from the truck, open the hood of the vehicle first and remove two 10 millimeter bolts from the top two sides of the grille. Next, you need to pull out four tabs using a flat head screwdriver. Note that if you own a 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma that too of 2018 and later model, you have a sensor in place behind the Toyota logo because of the additional safety features embedded. Remove the power plug of the sensor then after pushing down a tab with needle nose pliers. Now you can pull the grilles with its housing out of the vehicle. After this, you only need to separate the grille from its housing by pushing down several clips placed at the periphery of the grille and removing 10 screws out of which 3 screws hold the sensor in place. You also need to pull out two tabs on either side of the sensor. Great, you are done with the second step of removing the old grilles. 

The last step involves installation of the new classy aftermarket grilles on your 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma. First place these inside the housing by putting the sensor, tabs, screws and clips back in their respective places. Make sure all the clips fit back properly in their slots. Now line up the modified grille housing and press it in its space at the Tacoma front. A clicking sound will come right there. Next, put back the screws and tabs and secure the sensor wiring plug. Congratulations, you are done with the whole process! You are going to thoroughly enjoy the new front look of your Tacoma after this modification for sure. It is worthwhile to mention that if you are doing this for the first time it can take you more than usual time to complete it but don’t be overwhelmed by it. If you plan on dividing the activity in two sessions, it will take you at the most two days with 2-3 hours per session. The grilles used were purchased at LED Factory Mart, you can also check out these from here:

Tacoma grill

And if you are looking to add to the classy looks of the Tacoma any further, consider installing these white or amber colored front grille lights by LED Factory Mart:

 I really like the way these lights enhance the overall appearance of the Tacoma truck in combination with the new grilles. Installation of these lights will also make your driving safer and will make your vehicle be easily viewed during rainy, snowy or foggy weather conditions.  The smoked lens LED lights are waterproof and highly durable hence will withstand scratches, water or corrosion. I have high recommendation for these lights. 

Overall, if you are looking to modify your factory Tacoma grilles and make your vehicle stand out amongst others, you can definitely try upgrading to newer design grilles following the steps mentioned herein. The installation of the front grille lights will be the cherry on top. 

TacomaToyota tacoma

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