When is it Time to Change My Jeep Lights?

For a safe driving experience with your jeep on road and even off road, it is important that your vehicle’s lights are functioning properly.

Getting them checked periodically and replacing them when worn out, is an important maintenance check for your vehicle. These lights can include your jeep’s headlights, fog lights, rock lights, etc. The importance of correctly working jeep lights gets ignored during daytime driving but at night this can lead to dangerous situations for you and for others on the road. Hence, it is crucial that you should be looking for signs that your jeep lights are approaching their end. Here, we will present some of these signs.

Jeep RGB LED Headlights

Dim Light Intensity: Firstly, you should watch for the light intensity and if you feel the lights are becoming dimmer, you should get alert. Two possible reasons can lead to this situation. The first one being that the light cover may have become unclean and developed a layer of dirt. In this case, clean the cover area thoroughly. But even after cleaning, if there is no difference in the light intensity, it is highly likely that the bulbs are reaching the end of their service life. You should seek replacement of lights in this scenario. 

Flickering Lights:Another highly disturbing situation is the flicker of the lights. This depicts that the filament of the bulb has worn out or that it is damaged. If you keep on using such lights it is probable that the bulb completely burns out. This can lead to a very dangerous situation. Additionally, check the connections of the lights as well, since loose wires can also cause flickering or on and off of the lights. Whichever may be the case, you should immediately address this issue and either replace your lights or get your connections fixed.

Jeep LED Headlights

Single Light Lost: This is applicable more to headlights and fog-lights. If a single light from the pair gets lost or damaged, it may be difficult for you to notice at first. But once identified, you should look for changing the pair. This is because lights are mostly replaced in pairs and if one light has completed its life span, it is possible that the other one is also reaching the end of its useful life and may have become dimmer already. Hence, always replace the lights in pairs in such a case.

Better Quality Lights: One scenario can be that you are looking for lights that have a better service life and illumination compared to the factory ones, especially if you are planning to take your vehicle to paths that don’t have street lights. In this case, replacing your stock headlights with LED headlights can be a good step towards having a safer and more comfortable driving experience. Jeep LED headlights overall have many advantages over the traditional halogen lamps such as better lifespan, intensity and less heat dissipation. Check out the amazing LED headlights by LED factory mart!
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