The Best Jeep Gladiator LED Headlights

Jeep Gladiator is a middle-sized truck with the added practicality of a truck bed. Instead of an average truck, it is an upgrade to Jeep Wrangler. Its powerful performance and bold design are well-received by quite a few off-road enthusiasts.

Now that you have such an aggressive yet attractive Jeep Gladiator, it is time for you to perfect it with unique LED headlights. If you haven't found your satisfying LED headlights, come to read this article, and you may get something unexpected.

9-inch RGB LED headlights

Many off-road fans would like to make their headlights out of the ordinary. The RGB function satisfies your need. It gives your headlights different dazzling colors. The 9-inch RGB LED headlights I introduce to you can offer 16 million colors. This function is remotely controlled by your phone. It can be used in both iPhone and Android systems. First, you need to download an application called HappyLighting by scanning the QR code. Open the Bluetooth and the application page. Then switch to one color that you like most. You can adjust the brightness and enjoy pieces of music. There are also multiple dynamic lighting modes for your selection. If you turn on the headlights, you will be surprised at an exquisite white halo on each headlight. These two halos are named angel eyes, functioning as decoration as well as illumination. With such headlights, you must be the brightest star in the crowd.

9-inch Halo LED Headlights

The RGB function is not everyone's cup of tea. Many people prefer simple-style headlights. The halo LED headlights are fit for you. They look plain, but you can find out something special. There is one halo on each headlight. As we all know, headlights are often compared to the eyes of a jeep. So these halos are cosmetic contact lenses, adding glamour to your eyes. They are daytime running lights. Even though the light emitted by them is soft, it can light up your path. If you turn on turn signal lights, you will find the light turns amber. That is the eye-catching color that makes other drivers notice your jeep more easily, enhancing driving safety. Light brightness is the main factor you consider when shopping for headlights. Good! The high beam of these headlights is 12K lumen and the low beam is 6K lumen. So, are you interested in them?

9-inch newest star style RGB LED headlights

Are you looking for more distinctive headlights? I strongly suggest you purchase the 9-inch newest star style RGB LED headlights. Combined with the RGB function and amber turn signals, these headlights fulfill all your wishes at once. The star-shaped halos and amber turn signals are super pretty. The GRB function offers you 16 million colors and 155 dynamic modes. With the headlight turned on, you can enjoy a glorious visual experience as the light keeps on chasing, skipping and twinkling. This style brings you a strong stereo sense, giving your jeep a new fresh look. I think nobody can resist its charm. Besides being good-looking, you needn't worry about their brightness because they utilize projector-style lenses to produce more focused beams. Additionally, springs are included to help you adjust the lighting height for better performance. Turn on these headlights and enjoy the music, your whole day's fatigue is sure to be eliminated.

The best LED headlights recommended above are all 9 inches. They are plug-and-play designs without brackets needed. You only need to spend less than 20 minutes on the installation. Meanwhile, a professional installation guide included is helpful.


Are these headlights legal? Are they of good quality? Of course, they got DOT and SAE approved. They are legal and high-quality items that are worth buying. These headlights have an impressive lifespan of above 50,000 hours. They are waterproof with one year warranty. If you want to learn more LED headlights, click here and you may find ones that perfectly match your Jeep Gladiator. 

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