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Jeep LED Light Combos

Light Bar Combos

Camping Essentials

Jeep Parts 

Jeep LED light Combos

Are you looking for different lights to match your jeep? To save your shopping time, we recommend four LED light combos that make your jeep sparkle in an instant. All LED lights are easy to install with a plug-and-play design.

  1. The latest JK halo LED lights

This package consists of halo headlights, halo fog lights, taillights, front turn signals, and fender lights. Some lights have a pair of angel eyes with high intensity as if you are protected by an angel when driving. This combo is simple but charming. The headlights can run between -40 and 85 degrees, withstanding hot and cold weather. Meanwhile, their design is unique, suitable for heat loss. The combination of front turn signals and fender lights is eye-catching, increasing your safety. All LED lights are highly waterproof for fear of short circuits on rainy days.

Jeep JK LED Lights Combo


  1. JK RGB halo LED lights

Want your jeep much cooler? Choose lights with an RGB function. This combo is composed of headlights with amber turn signals and fog lights. This function offers you 16 million colors, 155 dynamic modes, a music mode, and so on. Twinkling lights give you visual pleasure. You are sure in a good mood when turning on the music mode. For easy operation, RGB headlights and RGB fog lights are controlled together by an application.

JK RGB Headlights
  1. 9-inch JL RGB halo LED lights

This bundle includes RGB halo headlights, RGB halo fog lights, taillights, and a high mount stoplight. Brackets are not required when you mount 9-inch headlights on a JL jeep. It only takes you 10 minutes to install. The powerful RGB function can meet all your needs at once. The headlights are super bright with 12K-lumen high beams and 6K-lumen low beams. The high mount stoplight with smoked lenses adds a high cool factor to the back of your jeep.

JL RGB LED Headlights
  1. 9-inch JT RGB halo LED lights

There are headlights, fog headlights, and taillights in this combo. The RGB function leads you to a colorful world. The headlights have high lumens. The fog lights with strong penetration power ensure you get clear road visibility even in appalling weather. The taillights can emit different colors to avoid a rear-end collision when you run/brake, turn and reverse your jeep.

JT RGB LED Headlights

Light Bar Combos

Would you like to make the road ahead brighter? Shop for a light bar and pods. You are not afraid of having a night off-road trip. You only install them at the original position without drilling or modifications.

  1. JK LED light bar combo

There is a light bar, pods, and mounting brackets in this combo. The light bar features high intensity that outputs 30,000 lumens, and the two pods output 1,280 lumens. The beam pattern of the light bar is spotlight/floodlight, and that of the pods is floodlight. The light bar is made of diecast aluminum with polycarbonate lenses. The brackets are made of solid steel coated with durable black powder. They include rubber gaskets to prevent damaging the paint.

JK LED Lightbar Combo
  1. JL JT LED lightbar combo

This New Prevailing Series package is similar to the JK light bar combo mentioned above. Of course, the lumens of the light bar and pods are the same. The light bar and brackets are also made of high-quality materials. What makes them different is the design of mounting brackets. They are unique along with windshield frames and include foam gaskets to protect the paint.

JL,JT LED Lightbar Combo

Camping Essentials

Do you like camping? Drive your jeep and go camping with your family. Here I introduce two hot items to you. I hope you like them.  

  1. Portable freezer

The exterior size of this portable freezer is 27.2"13.6"x18.2". Its capacity is 45 liters. You can take everything you want inside, such as fruits, vegetables, and beverages. If you stay outdoors for a few days, such a portable freezer is suitable for you. With intelligent compressor cooling technology, you only need to wait 30 minutes to cool things from 25℃ to -20℃. There are two modes for your selection. MAX is the fast cooling mode, and ECO is the energy-saving mode. How nice it is to have a beer when you camp out in summer!

Protable Freezer
  1. Waterproof bed tent

A waterproof bed tent is indispensable for camping. This tent is for pickup trucks. It is made out of 210D oxford polyester with a PU2000mm water-resistant coating that withstands any wind and rain. There are two big mesh windows on both sides, allowing you to enjoy a nice breeze. Camping out is tiring, but this bed tent gives you a sense of being at home. You can sleep at east.

Jeep Bed Tent

Jeep Parts

Do you want to try an open-air drive? Do you want to take much more fresh air? Now replace your original jeep doors with our tubular doors to experience a passionate off-road trip. You will like this feeling.

  1. JL JT tubular doors

These beast-style tubular doors come with two side-view mirrors. The mirrors can be manually adjusted, giving you an excellent view of the road conditions behind your jeep. The tubular doors are made of heavy-duty steel, so you are entirely protected and cannot fall out even driving at high speed. Meanwhile, the durable black powder coating prevents the doors from corrosion. When you remove your doors and install our tubular doors, your visibility increases, and it is easy for you to find out the tricky obstacles ahead. If your jeep model is JK, buy JK tubular doors.

JK Tubular Doors
  1. Wall mount storage hangers

If you have owned tubular doors already, don't forget to hang them up. Our wall mount storage hangers are great for you to stock the tubular doors up. Made of stainless steel with great strength, they can hold up to 60-pound doors. Inside the hangers are the rubber linings to prevent your doors from being scratched. There is a US flag pattern on each hanger, representing your patriotism.

Wall Mount Storage Hangers



Are you interested in our hot-sale products? If you like these, the shortest answer is buying. Don't miss such a good chance, or you will have to wait until next year.

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