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You might hail from a “sudden plans are the best” mindset group, but being proactive and preplanning things before setting out on a camping journey will only benefit you. In this blog, we are going to give you some tricks that you should definitely consider BEFORE starting your camping time on your jeep gladiator. Preparing a checklist and marking all the right ticks on it is an important step for you to consider in case you want to avoid any hassle afterwards.

Plan the Camping Spot: Planning where to camp is one important decision. The choice may reflect your personal preferences such as some might like to stay on a camping ground while others may opt for a complete nature based place or wilderness. Either way you can utilize the bed of the jeep or the rear end. Check out LFM’s camping tents for both these options:

Jeep Gladiator Tent
Arrange the map of the place: Taking a map of the place you intend to camp at would not hurt anybody. Since camping is a time away from the digitized world, reading a map and following it especially in country side may come in handy in case you have weak mobile signals.
Get your jeep gladiator checked: If you are planning on setting up a jeep gladiator tent, you must get your vehicle checked by an expert before moving on to your camping adventure. Also, make a note of filling your fuel tank to the fullest before embarking upon your journey.
Grocery shopping: Since camping involves unconventional traveling and staying outdoors, it is important that you buy such edible items that can last longer and provide sufficient energy. These may include canned meat and vegetables, dried fruits, packaged milk, bread, peanut butter, pasta, noodles, etc. This is an exhaustive list, hence go for grocery shopping. 
Tools arrangement: You may need various different tools to set up your tent and during your stay, hence make sure you take along those such as flashlights, power banks, hammers, axes, knives, etc. Also, an emergency first aid kit is a must.
camping tent
Sleeping kit: One more important point to keep in mind is the arrangement of your sleeping kit, be it a sleeping pad, a sleeping bag or any other means. Keeping your favorite pillow may also help you sleep better outdoors. 
Planning activities before time: If you chalk out a plan related to what activities you are looking forward to during your stay, it will help you arrange the prerequisites. These activities may include a live barbeque and grill, hiking, board or card games, bonfire, fishing or swimming in case you are near some water stream, mountain biking, reading, star gazing, etc. 
Clothes Selection: Don’t miss out on capturing some great photographs with picturesque backgrounds and amazing complimenting outfits. However, choose your clothes according to the weather of the place. Happy camping! 
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