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What an adventurous activity camping is, undoubtedly! But living off-roads and managing a healthy diet can be mentally straining especially before you leave for camping. What food items to take along and what not to may prove to be quite overwhelming! If you are jeep-camping i.e., with a jeep gladiator tent, you may consider the following tips.

Firstly, prepare a list of food items that will not require refrigeration in case you don’t have a portable refrigerator with you. These things may include foods that are dry in nature e.g., oatmeal, cereal, bread, pasta, macaroni and rice. All of these items would not pose a risk of getting rotten with time. Also, they offer a very fulfilling carb-based diet. You would not have to worry about refrigerating these.

Camping tent

Next, on a camping trip you may need extra energy boosters for you to carry out your planned outdoor activities such as hiking or going on a trail. For this you need power giving edibles such as eggs. Eggs can take various forms e.g., omelets, scrambled or boiled eggs and can be consumed at different eating times too, such as during breakfast and lunch. Eggs can remain fine for a few days if the temperature is around 20 degrees Centigrade. Furthermore, meat is also a great source of energy. You can opt for red or white meat. For this, consider taking a portable refrigerator with you especially if you are camping in a jeep gladiator tent, as space will not be an issue. Check out LFM’s 45L refrigerator freezer with wheels:

Milk is also very essential for energy refueling. Powdered milk is a great choice during camping or even packaged liquid milk in tetra-packs can prove to be good too. Other than this, tinned food items such as vegetables, fruits and beans are some must-add to your food items list. Spreads such as jam, peanut butter or chocolate spread can also give you a very tasty yet enriching side menu item.

Other than the main course meals, beverages are a hit during camping trips such as tea, coffee or hot chocolate. Soft drinks are also desired by many people to accompany spicy food. To keep the cans chilled you may either take the refrigerator with you or you can use an easy-on-pocket insulated cooler bag. The bag can provide you both chilled or hot meals whatever the need or season be. You must see LFM’s high-capacity 33L portable cooler bag which can be carried on-shoulder anywhere with a shoulder-strap:

What you eat during your camping time is an important consideration. To have wholesome meals at breakfast, lunch or dinner, do bring these items along on your camping expedition. The list can be updated as per your likes and dislikes, but it surely gives you a good idea as to which food items to consider for stocking on a camping trip. Have a great foody camping time!

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